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How to Prepare for Scholarship Exams

Most times the way you prepare for normal school exams should be different on how to prepare for scholarship exams because when it comes to scholarship, once you lose it, you have lost it. Although in normal school exams, once you fail an exam, you have failed, and you can rewrite, but in scholarship exams, is not like that. Having a chance to write scholarship exams is a chance no one should play with because many people need this chance but they never had an opportunity at least once to experience the way the exams are.

Before you start to prepare for the scholarship exams, there are few things you should know which I am sure will help you if you want to be fully prepared.

And those things are;

1. This scholarship is a privilege, not your right which means that if you don’t make use of the opportunity, it will be given to another person who deserves it more than you.

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2. Fight with everything you have: To succeed in the scholarship exams, you must sacrifice a lot of things which includes your fun time, and sleeping time, etc.

3. Be discipline: you can’t sit up at night to read while you suppose to be sleeping if you don’t discipline yourself. If you say “I Can” then you can, what you set your mind to do is very possible because for your heart to be there, it means that it’s very important and something important, you will strike to get it done.

4. See it as assistance: Try and take this scholarship as a way of assisting your parents or guidance. Yeah, because when you gain this scholarship, the weight of them paying your fees and maybe paying your sibling’s own too will be a little lighter for them. So if you want to assist your parents and make them smile, then this scholarship deserves to be yours, etc After having all these things in mind when you want to prepare for the scholarship exams, will help you to be committed and serious-minded because you have a target and that’s to go to school on scholarship. Now how do you prepare for scholarship exams?

There are a lot of ways but some of them are;

1 Lesson: Just like preparing for jamb exams, pick a lesson class, it may not be a general lesson class, it can be a private tutor who is not just a teacher but is highly intelligent in the area you are applying for in the scholarship form.

Get Info on the scholarship bodies: Before applying for a scholarship or before writing scholarship exams, make sure that you study more about the organization or school that is offering the scholarship. Having this insight will not only help you to know about what you are registering but it will also help you to be ready for any kind of questions they will throw at you concerning the company. You can do this by reading about them online, asking questions in the forum (, or going into their website.

Make use of past question papers: as I said preparing for a scholarship is just like preparing for institution exams.  Get past question papers from people or you buy them, and make sure that you study ahead.

Observe your siesta:  when you prepare for scholarship exams or any exams, you will need a lot of rest which means that you have to observe your siesta in other to help in cooling down your brain.

Note: The brain gets tired when it is over-stressed, so before you start reading, ensure that you relax for at least 30minutes sleeping or just lying down resting. It will help you to recall everything that you will read.

5 Revisit your old notes: No matter the kind of questions they are setting in scholarship exams, they won’t give you a master program exam while you are writing for undergraduate scholarship exams. So ensure that you always have your notes closer to you when you are reading.

6 Learn more on quantitative and verbal reasoning questions: The truth is that there are no exams you will write that you will not come across questions on these two. They are like siblings whenever you see quantitative exam questions expect to see Verbal reasoning in the exams too. So if you have no idea or you are not good at these two,  make sure that you put more effort into this or you can pick up a lesson teacher just on this part for the exams.

7 Get insight from someone who has done this before: It is normal to be nervous when you are about writing not just exams but an important exam like scholarship exams. But you can be either motivated or intimidated by someone or anyone you know that has written scholarship exams before.

8 Set questions and answers: This is one of the most important parts of preparing for scholarship exams. The good thing about questions and answers is that they will show you your shortcomings and how prepared you are for the exams. If you are finding it difficult to set the questions for yourself while reading, then make your friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, etc your tutor. Tutor in a way that they will help you in setting the questions for you from the areas you have read on already,  then you do the answering.

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This act will help you faster than you set for yourself because when you are setting for yourself, you may end up setting the simplest things you have read but if someone sets for you, the person will set it from any angle in the note.

Don’t overwork yourself: Preparing for scholarship exams, you need to avoid a lot of things that will get you tired and weak because you need all the strength you can get to burn a night.

10 Avoid distraction: Let your friends know that you are preparing for an important exam of your life which means that no clubbing, sitting out late at night while you suppose to be sleeping or reading. The straightforward thing is to cut some limit of distraction things you do with your friends at this time of preparing for scholarship exams.

How to keep your Scholarship

After getting the scholarship, then what? Do you just relax and say I have made it? No, the truth is passing scholarship exams is one thing, and keeping the scholarship is another thing. To keep your scholarship, you have to ensure that you study even harder so have to maintain a good GPA, or else your scholarship will be forfeit.

 Meaning no relaxation after gaining the scholarship at last.

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