Fully Funded 25 Scholarships Without IELTS Requirements

Fully Funded 25 Scholarships without IELTS Requirements

Scholarships always come by but finding scholarships without IELTS requirements and not being scammed online sometimes is difficult. So with this, it makes it looks like getting a scholarship without passing through IELTS is not possible.

 Therefore worry no more because I decided to do some research to gather at least out of all the scholarships without IELTS requirements, 29 from them to write about.

Cool right?

Although IELTS is not required, other things are required from the scholarship board so make sure that before you rush and apply to any of these scholarships, that you have make more research through the websites which I will be dropping with you at the end of every scholarship to ensure that you can meet up with the rest of the requirements.

Which Country is the Best in Applying for a Scholarship

You can only know which country will be going for you if you already have a career goal. which means that if tech or any engineering-related thing is your thing, you may want to check out some Japanese, China, Germany, etc schools for their scholarships.

And if you are a medical student, you may also want to check out other countries like Canada, Australia, UK, etc.

So to get the best scholarships without IELTS requirements aboard, you have to ensure that you know what you want so that you won’t end up in a medical field, while you could have been better in an Engineering field. Good Luck.

So now let see the list of scholarships without IELTS requirement abroad that you can apply to if only you are eligible;

  • Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarship 2021

Is one of the best Institution in Qatar which offers a full funded wide variety scholarship to not only the indigence of the country but also to the international bodies who pick interest in studying any course there.

So if you are planning on getting your master’s in Qatar, you can check Doha Institute out.

No IELTS Required.

Duration: Full-founded from the start to the end of the program.

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visit for more info: www.dohainstitute.edu.qa

  • Qatar University Scholarships 2021

Another public research university with a fully-funded scholarship without IELTS is Qatar University.

Contact: +974-4403-3333

Address: University Street, Doha, Qatar

Visit site: www.qu.edu.qa

  • National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Scholarships

NCTU is one of the top-ranking Taiwan universities that offers a fully-funded scholarship for both bachelors, and master’s programs both for international students and indigence.

Still, no IELTS is required.

Location: Taiwan

website: oia.nctu.edu.tw

  • Toyohashi University Scholarship

If you are a tech freak, that’s you are the kind of person that wants to discover advanced things in the area of Tech then check out this Toyohashi university.

Location: Japan, T 441-8580 Aichi, Toyohashi, Tenpakucho, Hibarigaoka-1-1

Contact: +81-532-47-0111

Website: www.tut.ac.jp

  • The University of Queensland

Top 180 in the world ranking universities

Location: St Lucia QLD 4072, Australia  

contact: +61-7-3365-1111

Website: www.qut.edu.au

  • Hokkaido University Scholarship

This scholarship is a Japanese government scholarship but it is also open for international students.

Location: 8 Jonishi, Kita5 Chome Kita Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0808, Japan

Contact: +81 11-716-2111

Website: www.hokudai.ac.jp

To use this school website as an international, once you enter the site, at the button of the browser, select the language you can understand.

  • Swinburne University of Technology

Location: John St, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

Contact: +61 3 9214-8000

Website: www.swinburne.edu.au

  • Alliance Of International Science Organization (ANSO) Scholarship

If you are young and talented then you want to further for your master’s or Ph.D. then ANSO is looking for people like you a non-Chinese citizen for their scholarship grant.

It is a fully-funded scholarship that includes, your ticket, medical insurance, etc.

Location: China

Contact: +86 10 82672900

website: www.anso.org.cn

  • University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship

One of the most oil richest but the smallest country in Asia.

Location: Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong BE 1410, Brunei

Contact: +673 246 0923

Website: www.ubd.edu.bn

  • Nanjing University

The first university to enroll international students in China. it is one of the top universities in China.

Location: Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Contact: +86 25 8359 3186

Website: www.nju.edu.cn

  • University of Regin

One of the best public universities in Canada.

Contact: +1 306-585-4111

Location: 3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, SK S4S 0A2, Canada          

Website: www.uregina.ca

  • University of Winnipeg

Location: 515 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9, Canada

Website: www.uwinnipeg.ca

  • The University of Bolton

Top 5 best university in the area of teaching and learning in the UK that offers scholarship to international students too.

Location: A67 Deane Rd, Bolton BL3 5AB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1204 900600

Website: www.bolton.ac.uk

  • London Southbank University

Contact: +44 20 7815 7815

Location: 103 Borough Rd, London SE1 0AA, United Kingdom

Website: www.isbu.ac.uk

  • Brock University

Location: 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1, Canada

Contact: +1 905-688-5550

Website: www.brocku.ca

  • The Hammad Bin Khalifa University

Location: Education City, Qatar


Website: www.hbku.edu.qa

  • The University of New South Wales

Location: Sydney, Australia

Contact: +61 2 9385 1000

Website: www.unsw.edu.au

  • University of Adelaide

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Contact: +61 88313 5208

Website: www.adelaide.edu.au

  • Macquarie University

Location: Balaclava Rd, Australia

Contact: +61 2 9850 7111

Website: www.mq.edu.au

  • Memorial University  

Location: Elizabeth Ave, Canada

Contact: +1 709-864-8000

Website: www.mun.ca

  • Robert Gordon University

 One of the best accredited Scottish universities you can ever attend in Scotland.

Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1224 262000

Website: www.rgu.ac.uk

  • UTS Global Ambassador

Location: Indonesian

Website: www.uts.edu.au

  • Chinese Government Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Chinese Government Council which is was established by the Ministry of education as a way of supporting international students in their country.

Location: China

Contact: Education board

Website: www.chinesescholarshipcouncil.com

  • Bond University

Location: Australia

Contact: +61 7 5595 1111

Read More: Full Qatar University Scholarships for International Students

Website: www.bond.edu.au

  • University of South Australia

Location: 1101 Currie St. Adelaide, Australia

Contact: +61 8 8302 6611

Website: www.unisa.edu.au

 Note:  All the scholarships listed above, are all fully funded scholarships without IELTS requirement, and it is open for both international students that want to participate in it, you can try it out.

What to do next?

If you have reached this place, it means you have read and gone through the scholarship listed and the next thing you should do is visit the websites and do more enquiring for both how to process, and when to process, etc.

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