March 4, 2024
Indigenous PhD Law Scholarships in Australia

Indigenous PhD Law Scholarships in Australia

 Often times most persons who wish to study in Australia especially postgraduate courses in professional courses like law, medicine are always worried about the cost of applying to their various institutions, the high cost of living and the problems of trying to get acquainted with the legal codes and procedures in this country.  Thou most persons from Australia are also worried about indigenous scholarships available to them too. The Indigenous PhD Law Scholarships, Australia is available at university of new south Wales, this scholarship is partially funded. 

   Australia is among the most applied countries in the world, by international students, this country has international friendly policies, which is one of the most unique features making her students to want to study in any of her universities, cities like are very popular and it has about 50,000 international students, while her domestic student’s population is about, Australian education has a way of bridging theory and practice. 

  The most unique and best decisions you will ever make in your life is studying in Australia, as it has always seemed for ways to make her students get acquainted with the current advancement in your field of studies, her legal students are exposed to hands on experience, this country’s is renowned for producing the best legal professionals, this country will greatly boast your legal career.

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 About the Indigenous PhD Law Scholarships, Australia 

 This scholarship is partially funded for indigenous students who wish  to pursue a PhD degree in law, at the university of  new south Wales,  this scholarship is aimed at encouraging domestic students who wish to further their legal career,  even those who recently got Australian scholarship and residence permit are free to apply,  the last day to apply for this scholarship is on 30 Sep 2020

The following fields of PhD in law are available for this scholarship

  1. Civil law 
  2. Criminal law
  3. Business law 
  4. Economic law 
  5. International law 
  6. Mediation 

Value Description of the Indigenous PhD Law Scholarships, Australia

 This scholarship will cover the following areas needed for your studies 

About $ 43000 is awarded to applicants which is expected to touch the following area’s

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation 
  • Living expenses
  • Transportation 
  • Text books 
  • Research and thesis support

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Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Indigenous PhD Law Scholarships, Australia

To be eligible for this scholarship you must have meet the following criteria

  • This scholarship is open for domestic students
  • This is open to aspirants who are enrolled in a PhD degree 
  • Candidates are expected to have an equivalent research in law
  • Candidate must possess a high school diploma, undergraduate, graduate degree certificates and other certificate needed to be admitted for this scholarship. 
  • Applicants must be Australian aboriginal and Torres citizens

 Application Deadline: The last day to apply for this scholarship is on 30 Sep.

Application Details: 

This scholarship is fully applied on line and click here , applicants must fill the applicants interest form  in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

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