Top 6 Best Colleges and Universities in Billings MT

Top 6 Best Colleges and Universities in Billings MT

Billings is a large and desirable place to study abroad, which has made thousands of international students to be attracted to studying in they, it also attracts thousands of international tourists, making those interested in studying in the state or city seek for the best colleges and universities in billings Montana and around it .

  1. Montana State University Billings

Location:  billings MT

Website: http://www.msubillings.edu/ 

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This institution is the third largest university in the united states of America USA, it places great emphasis on civic engagement where it works at making her students to give back to the society through volunteer works like volunteering for animal welfare organizations, raising awareness of mental health issues, provide food to needy families, and plan arts and cultural activities and putting their studies into practice.  It also offers course like outdoor adventure leadership, political science, computer programming and application development, and nursing, business administration, health administration, and mental health counseling.  It offer’s her students both online and on campus a personalized academic advising, tutoring and writing assistance, and career counseling. 

  1. Rocky Mountain College

Location: Billings, MT

Website: https://www.rocky.edu/ 

This university was founded in 1878, it has aimed to combine liberal arts education with practical career preparation since its inspection. Her undergraduate and graduate programs cover’s courses in aviation, health and human performance, occupational therapy, and sociology. It also offers her students the opportunity to personalize their studies by helping them plan their minor’s.  It has several financial aids it offers to her students. 

It also has a special program called Common Read Program, the whole community reads the same book and shares discussions, films, and a keynote lecture by the author. It is unique for her Aviation and Equestrian Studies. 

  1. Walla Walla University


Website: https://www.wallawalla.edu/ 

This institution was established in 1892, it offer’s pre-professional programs, Associate degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, and Master’s degrees in programs like engineering, nursing, business, biology and education. It has about five campuses like Portland nursing campus, Montana campuses, Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory, Washington and Oregon. 

  1. University of Mary – Billings Campus


Website: https://www.umary.edu/about/campuses/billings-campus.php 

This institution is the largest degree institution in Bismarck, it offer’s about 60 undergraduate degrees, 14 master’s degree and four doctoral degrees.  Its programs are professionally-focused academic programs, liberal arts, civic service and internships programs for students. 

  1. Montana Technological University – Butte, MT

Location: Butte, MT

Website: https://mtech.edu/ 

This institution was established initially as a mining college, it has continued to provide access to high quality education, opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also offers an online degree program in nursing and two graduated degrees in masters in industrial hygiene and project engineering and management.  It also hosts also hosts an annual research and design expo, a public lecture series, and the Center for Advanced Mineral, Metallurgical, and Materials Processing.  It also offers about 45 undergraduate degrees, 15 minors, 11 degrees of certification and ten pre-professional career programs.

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  1. Montana State University -Northern

Location: Havre, MT

Website: https://www.msun.edu/ 

This university has continued to equip her students with the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge needed to take on lucrative careers. This university engages in Western Undergraduate Exchange. It also offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in disciplines such as automotive technology, civil engineering technology, graphic design, and health promotion. It also offers about nine fully online degrees’ programs and a diverse slate of online classes.

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