United States Institute of Peace Free Online Courses 2021/2022

United States Institute of Peace Free Online Courses

United States Institute of Peace Free Online Courses 2021/2022

The United States Institute for Peace offers various free online courses on a wide range of topics related to conflict management and peacebuilding. Current students, graduates, professionals and peacemakers can take advantage of PICU’s short courses to hone their skills by accessing advanced learning resource courses. Plus, the best free courses offered by the US Institute of Peace are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to study anytime, anywhere.

USIP Self-Paced Micro-lessons are ideal for busy professionals. Each student can easily adjust class schedules to suit their own schedule. Professionals and peacemakers alike will benefit from these top online courses.These certified courses provide participants with a better understanding of diplomatic, security, development and political beliefs whose interests are related to peacebuilding.

The US Institute of Peace’s free online courses are typically three hours long; However, if anyone is interested in learning more about a particular topic, full courses are available. There are a variety of topics covered in these free short courses for professionals of various backgrounds. The United States Institute for Peace offers courses in the following areas with free certificates: Introduction to Peacebuilding, Peacebuilding Preparation, Conflict Analysis, Negotiation: Nonviolent Action, Modeling conflict landscape, media and arts for peace, mediation of violent conflicts, community – the conception of a dialogue based on the conception, good post-conflict governance, planning, monitoring and evaluation for programming in fragile environments, religion and peacebuilding and the inclusion of gender in peacebuilding.

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Details of United States Institute of Peace Free Online Courses

Application Deadline: Not Given

Eligibility: All Nationality

Host Country: United States

Name of Sponsor: USIP’s Global Campus

Type of Scholarship: Online

Free Course List from the United States Institute of Peace:

  • Introduction to Peacebuilding
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Negotiation: Shaping the Conflict Landscape
  • Mediation of Violent Conflicts
  • Nonviolent Action
  • Creating Community-Based Dialogue
  • Preparing for Peacebuilding
  • Good Governance Post Conflict
  • Media and Art for Peace
  • Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Programs in Fragile Environments
  • Religion and Peacebuilding
  • Gender Inclusion in Peacebuilding

Value Description of the United States Institute of Peace Free Courses:

  • Every student has free access to the full catalog of USIP online courses.
  • This program gives students access to new peacebuilding skills and advanced methods. Course
  • participants can choose how they would like their time to be based on their own priorities.
  • After completing the course, the students receive their certificates.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for United States Institute of Peace Free Online Courses

  • All students, graduates, peacemakers, and professionals from around the world are invited to apply.
  • candidates from war countries in conflict areas are encouraged to apply.
  • candidates of all ages can apply, as the courses have no age limit.
  • candidates from all educational backgrounds are eligible to apply.
  • This program does not require an IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE.

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Application Deadline: Not Given

Application Details

  • You don’t have to pay an application fee to apply.
  • You must create an online account to access course materials.
  • You can choose any of the courses that interest you.
  • How many courses you take is entirely up to you.



  1. Les cours de paix et de résolution des conflits sont tellement nécessaire étant donné les perturbations que connaît le monde et surtout nos pays en développement.

  2. I am Prince Saygba Kun Boye from Liberia West Africa, I am interested in your program at your institution online

  3. Très bonne initiative au vu de tous les conflits que traverse le monde en ce moment.

    Merci de nous donner la possibilité d’étudier.

  4. I am interested in Peace building program , From Niger with terrorism conflict in the west and Boko Haram in the East

  5. I am interested in Peace n conflict resolution , From Niger with terrorism conflict in the west and Boko Haram in the East

  6. I Very am interested in Peace n conflict resolution , From Niger with terrorism conflict in the west and Boko Haram in the East

  7. Bonjour, besoin d’une formation gratuite en ligne : soit dans le domaine du management, soit dans le domaine de la justice ou encore dans le domaine humanitaire.

    • Greetings,
      Please I am interested In the whole content of this training, as regard of what the World Need and what I am supposéd to share as a leader ; WE have Always to acquire New KNOWLEDGE, and I don’ t want to be limited erywhere there are needs. WE Never stop learning when Alive.

      Awaiting a favorable answer
      Kind regards.

  8. Iam Interested for course Undergraduate Good Governance Post Conflict or Political Science in Kampala University in Juba South Sudan

  9. I am interested in the Peace and conflict resolution. I am from the North West Region ( war-ton region) of Cameroon.

  10. I am interested in the free online courses with free certificates in Peace and conflict resolution as well as other learning opportunities to meaningfully contribute to 2030 SDGs particularly in my community development and social safety nets, county and Country Bangladesh.

  11. Hello I am Gambian. I wish to study peace and conflict resolution. This will be very important for me and my compatriots.

  12. I am highly interested and always admired being peace advocacy and peace promoter. Am from Somalia (horn of Africa) that is devastated by civil war and clan-based conflicts.

    I would be appreciated any consideration given to my request and wait for a positive response regarding my request.


  13. Salut, je suis intéressé par les cours sur la création d’un dialogue communautaire, puis-je avoir plus d’information à ce sujet?

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