Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship for Developing Countries in UK

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship for Developing Countries in UK

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers Distance Learning Scholarships for international students from the Commonwealth member countries in 2020/2021 session.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships modify proficient and actuated people to achieve the information and skills needed for property development, and are aimed toward those unable to check within the GB for monetary and different reasons.

These scholarships are offered underneath six themes:

Science and technology for development
The scholarship, which can be in any space of science or technology (including, for instance, agriculture, veterinary science, or forestry), can develop information and/or skills that are directly associated with the precise wants of a coffee or middle-income country. wherever doable, applications ought to cite expressed national or native priorities.

Strengthening health systems and capability
The scholarship will develop information and/or skills that may improve health provision or outcomes for deprived teams in low and middle-income countries. a spread of approaches can be adopted, like coaching workers to fill crucial shortage areas; establishing higher systems, processes, or management; health promotion and up understanding of non-take up; or developing new treatments.

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Promoting international prosperity
The information and/or skills gained could lead on to, for instance, increased trade capability; improved economic understanding or decision- creating by business or government; new product and services; or long capacity building, through the event of entrepreneurial skills, as an example.

Strengthening international peace, security and governance
The scholarship will develop information and/or skills that may strengthen peace and security at national, regional, or international levels. Multiple approaches can be used, like strengthening open and clear governance; up sympathy at intervals and between societies; or building systems that cut back the potential for conflict or encourage its resolution.

Strengthening resilience and response to crises
The scholarship will develop information and/or skills which can facilitate low and middle countries adapt to ever-changing contexts, face up to abrupt shocks, or increase capability to preserve the continuity of operations following such events. this might apply to a broad vary of threats, together with natural and physical disasters; long threats like climate change; interruptions to the provision of key resources; or abrupt economic or technological disruption.

Access, inclusion and chance
The scholarship will develop information and/or skills that may promote chance amongst traditionally deprived teams in low and middle-income countries. this might be through, for instance, increasing academic opportunities; conducting community outreach; enhancing access to decision-making, or increasing understanding of the barriers featured. a spread of disadvantage is addressed – together with social, economic, gender, ethnic, regional, or political – providing the requirement is clearly declared.

Value Description

  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships offer full tuition fees and every one different obligatory prices of finding out a GB Master’s programme by distance learning.
  • This includes the complete value of any residential elements of a course.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The university is chargeable for making certain its candidates meet the CSC’s eligibility criteria.

To apply for these scholarships, candidates must:

  • Be a subject of, or be granted exile standing in, AN eligible developing Commonwealth country (see overleaf), or be a British Protected Person;
  • Be for good resident in an exceedingly developing Commonwealth country (see overleaf);
  • Hold a primary degree of a minimum of higher second category (2:1) customary. A lower qualification and ample relevant expertise could also be thought-about in bound cases;
  • Be unable to afford to check the programme while not this scholarship.
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships might not be control at the same time for over one course.
  • If elect for a scholarship, candidates should be resident ANd stay in an eligible developing Commonwealth country
  • The CSC aims to spot proficient people World Health Organization have the potential to form modification. they’re committed to a policy of civil rights and fairness and encourage applications from a various vary of candidates.
  • The CSC is committed to administering and managing its scholarships and fellowships in an exceedingly honest and clear manner. For more data, see the CSC anti-fraud policy and therefore the DFID steering on news fraud.

Eligible Countries

Papua New Guinea,
Sierra Sierra Leone monetary unit,
Solomon Islands,
Sri Lanka,
The Gambia,

Application Deadline:  April 13, to 04 May 2020.

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Application Details

  • You should apply to ascertain associate degree eligible Master’s course at a GB university that’s participating inside the gap Learning theme.
  • You must in addition secure admission to your course additionally to applying for a Distance Learning Scholarship.
  • You must look for your chosen university for his or her specific recommendation on once to use, admission desires, and rules for applying.
  • You must build your application practice the CSC’s on-line application system, in addition to the opposite application simply} just are required to finish by your chosen university. The CSC won’t accept any applications that don’t appear to be submitted via the net application system.
  • You can apply for over one course and/or to over one university, but you’ll only accept one offer of a Distance Learning Scholarship.
  • Your application ought to embrace the following supporting documentation by the purpose therefore as for your application to be eligible for consideration:
  • Copy of your valid passport or national ID card showing your photograph, date of birth, and country of citizenship – uploaded to the net application system
  • At least one reference – submitted directly by the referee to the net application system. Referees are sent associate degree email request however candidates are accountable for seeking permission from their referees sooner than submitting their application; for creating sure that their referees are accessible to finish the reference by the deadline; that the referees have received the reference request email.
  • An offer letter to start your chosen course of study inside the 2020-2021 year – uploaded to the net application system
  • Full transcripts description all of your instruction qualifications (with certified translations if not in English) – uploaded to the net application system
  • The CSC won’t accept supporting documentation submitted outside the net application system.
  • Supporting documentation uploaded to the net application system ought to be uploaded as files that aren’t any over 5 MB in size and should be in one of the following formats: PDF, .doc, .docx, .odt, .jpg, .jpeg. Files submitted within the alternative format (including goose egg files and PDF Portfolios) won’t be accepted.


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