Best Colleges in Athens, GA

Best Colleges in Athens, GA

This city was greatly developed by her pioneer flagship university, it is part of the Clarke Athens county, it is the sixth largest city in the state of Georgia, this city is purely dominated by college culture, it has developed an alternative music against the American dance culture which it is renowned for, this city is known as the Manchester of the south for her numerous industries, it is home to two universities and one community college, 

  1. University of Georgia

Location: Athens, GA

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Website: https://www.uga.edu/ 

This great institution was founded by 1785, and it is the oldest institution in the United States, it has about 38,000, it has about 17 schools and colleges.  Her undergraduate must possess a great GPA, and has many Jim Mann Family Scholarship for finance majors.

This institution has many programs both online and on campus, it also has a masters and undergraduate program which lasts for five years in about 100 degree.  It also has graduate programs in areas of business and leadership.

  1. Augusta University

Location: Augusta, GA

Website: https://www.augusta.edu/ 

This institution was founded in 1828, it is a public research university and medical center, it has about 9000, and has great programs in about 10 colleges, to be enrolled in this university as a first year student, this institution offers a bachelor’s program in forensic chemistry, professional writing and rhetoric, social work, and cybersecurity engineering.  It has a bachelor’s and master’s completion program.  It has about 80 programs.  Its college of nursing is in Athens.

 College Close to Athens Georgia

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus

Location: Atlanta, GA

Website: https://www.gatech.edu/ 

Distance to Athens: 

This university is a great research university and has about six colleges and 28 schools. It has certificate and degree programs.  It admits her students through standardized test result, this institution awards many financial aids to her students.  Bachelor’s degree programs include computational media, aerospace engineering, economics and international affairs, and neuroscience etc.  It uses canvas for her online programs.

  1. Emory University

Location: Atlanta, GA

Website: http://www.emory.edu/home/index.html 

Distance to Athens: 

This university was established in 1915, it is the second oldest institution in Georgia, it makes emphasis on teaching and collaborates with great business firms in Georgia, and Atlanta to research.  To be accepted into this university you must submit a personal essay and your high school diploma.  

 It has a bachelor’s degree and a joint masters and undergraduate degree in nursing, it has many graduate program in biomedical engineering, computer science and informatics, and theology. 

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  1. Wesleyan College

Location: Macon, GA

Website: https://www.wesleyancollege.edu/index.cfm 

Distance to Athens: 

This university operates as a women’s college, it has about 700 students.  To be qualified to be admitted into this institution you must have free online application, school transcripts, and ACT or SAT scores.  It has merit based scholarship and financial aids. 

Bachelor’s degree programs include courses in data analysis, international business, psychology, and early childhood education, they also have women degree programs in health and community activist. It has many study abroad options in about 40 countries.


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