Cheapest Colleges in Pennsylvania

Cheapest Colleges in Pennsylvania

 Pennsylvania is a popular state especially for her association with Benjamin Franklin, a lot of persons wants to study in the cheapest university they with the best educational facilities, which is why we have decided to compile a list of them.

  1. Bryn Athyn College of the CCheapest Colleges in Pennsylvaniaheapest Colleges in PennsylvaniaNew Church

Location: Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania


This is a small liberal art university, with a student’s population of about 400, enrolled in about 20 bachelor’s degree program, associate degrees, and two graduate programs.  Majority of her students receive financial aids and some students receive a financial aid.

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  1. Lycoming College

 Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania


 This institution offers several scholarship opportunities to her students, and also financial aids to her students. With a low tuition fee, it also has a talent based scholarship for those interested in music, art, theater, creative writing, and digital media communication.  It also has scholarships based on student’s GPA.

  1. Geneva College

Location:  Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania


This institution offers many scholarships to her students, it also awards many financial aids and scholarship to her students. 

  1. Franklin and Marshall College

Location:  Lancaster, Pennsylvania


This is a small liberal arts college, with emphasis on hands on learning and instructor’s Design courses to suit the student’s needs. Students receive a need based job and scholarships.  They also pay students a certain amount during their internship.

  1. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Location: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania


This is the largest comprehensive university in north eastern and north central Pennsylvania, this university was ranked 95th among the universities in US.  It awards scholarship to about 6% of her students, it has a low tuition fee.  It has many scholarships thou most are renewable yearly.

  1. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Location: Slippery Rock 


This university has many undergraduate and graduate programs, where it offers her students unique experience.  It offers her students the opportunity to gain research experience. It has many scholarship’s and also awards several scholarships to STEM programs. It also awards scholarship to Pennsylvania residents who meet the following requirements minority status, financial need, excellent academic performance, leadership qualities.  It has a cheap tuition fees.

  1. Wilson College

Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


This great institution has a low tuition fees and offers several financial aids to her students, it has several financial aids which it offers to her students, it also attracts students from all background to study, they due to her affordable tuition fees, and various scholarships.

  1. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Location: Clarion, Pennsylvania

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This university was initially founded in 1867 as a carrier seminary in Pennsylvania, it awards her students several financial aids and assistance, about 600 of her students receive scholarships, some of her students receive local government grants.

  1. Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Location: Millersville, Pennsylvania


This university was founded in 1855, as a public liberal arts college, it has over 50 undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate programs.  About 86% of her students receive financial aids and some receive scholarships. They also offer scholarships to female students.

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  1. How can I find opportunity to study in one of Pennsylvania state

  2. How can I find opportunity to study in one of Pennsylvania state ?

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