Best Medical Colleges in the USA

Best Medical Colleges in the USA

Best Medical Colleges in the USA

 A lot of students who wish to study in the US, for their medical school are always frustrated at the many schools offering the course which is why many prospective candidates always ask for the best medical college in US.

  1. Harvard University

LOCATION: Cambridge, MA


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This great American university is among the top American institution, and it is highly rated among medical student.  Its medical college is very competitive in terms of admission. It has 15 of Harvard Medical School’s students and faculty have won Nobel Prizes.

  1. Johns Hopkins University

LOCATION: Baltimore, MD


This university is regarded as the most popular research institutions; it is famous especially for Ben Carson.  This university through her affiliation with local hospitals has strongly helped her students to take up their careers and job after graduation.

  1. University of California-San Francisco

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA


This university is a top research institution, this university has more of women.  It has a great ranking in terms of primary care. 

  1. University of Washington-Seattle Campus



This great university in terms of her top medical research, it has one of the highest student’s acceptance into the medical school.  It is ranked 3rd in primary care.

  1. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor



This great institution is ranked 15th in research and seventh for primary care. It is renowned for being the first medical school in US to accept female and minorities. About 54% of her students are women. 

  1. Columbia University in the City of New York

LOCATION: New York City, NY


This university is ranked 11th for medical research and 43rd for primary care, this university receives about $1.5 billion, to fund her research centers. It is renowned for her research across the world in the field of medicine.

  1. Yale University



This university has a ranking of 11th best medical research college and 51st best primary care college. It is a unique for having a small conference and seminar, and tutorial, where it prepares student self-evaluation, independent thinking and investigation skills. It has a state of the art medical equipment and technology, where it prepares her students to get a knowledge of whole-genome sequencing, mass spectronomy, high resolution image analysis needed for their medical careers.

  1. Duke University



This university is ranked 10th for medical research and 26th for primary care, it has a unique and different curriculum, where her medical student devotes their entire third year in medical school, which is earlier than most medical school. 

  1. Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

LOCATION: Rochester, MN

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This university has different campus located in Florida, Minnesota and Arizona, it has the most even faculty student’s ratio. Which allows her students to get a close to monitoring with a professor.

  1. University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA


 This great university has a great ranking in her primary care program, and research program. It offers her students the ability to perform research works, gain volunteer experience, and research experience. 

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