Top Colleges in the World

Top Colleges in the World

Top Colleges in the World

 While searching for institutions to study or further your degree a lot of persons always wants to study in the top colleges in the world, which is one of the reasons why we are compiling the best 10, this ranking was based on academic prestige, scholarly excellence.  Most if this university are standards for measuring other universities in the world.

  1. Harvard university

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US


This a private research university, and one of the oldest universities in the United states, it is a standard where other universities are measured. This institution alone has produced about 49 Nobel laureates, 32 heads of states, and 48 Pulitzer award winners. It has many libraries with the largest academic library in the world.  Due to her location it has helped students in collaborative research with other institutions.

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  1. University of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, England, UK


This university is the 7th oldest university in the world, and was founded in 1209.  This institution has produced many great scientists and persons in humanities. It also known for building the foundation of western science. It has maintained her pace as one of the universities in the world and about 80 of her faculties have received Nobel prices.

  1. Columbia state university

Location: New York city, New York, US


 This university is the fifth oldest university in the United states, it has a great library with about 13 million volumes, it is the first American university to graduate doctors. It also affords her students great opportunities. It has produced 29 heads of states and 3 US President.

  1. University of Oxford 

Location: Oxford, England, UK


 This university was founded in the 13th century by some Catholic priests, even about 800 years it is synonymous with knowledge and learning. It also runs the largest press in the world, the Oxford university press. This institutions greatest source of income is from research. And has about 100 fellows of British Academy and about 80 fellows of the royal society

  1. Yale university

Location: new haven, Connecticut, US


 It is a renowned public research university and is among the original 8 ivy league Nations.  It also facilitates interdisciplinary researches. Majority of her institutions are among the best.

  1. Stanford university

Location: Stanford, California, US


It is great research university, it boasts of a biological preserve and a habitat reserve. It has an affiliation with the great social and political think thanks institution hovers. It has about 22 Nobel laureates, and 51 members of the American philosophical society etc.

  1. University of Paris

Location: Paris France


This a network of university spread across Paris and it dates back to 12th century. This university is the largest producers of scientific research. It has produced many Nobel laureates.

  1. University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois U.S


This university was founded in 1890 and the youngest among the top colleges in the world.  This university is renowned in the fields if sciences. It is also an elite institution in terms if humanity and social studies. 

  1. University of Michigan

Location: Ann arbor


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This is a large public research college, with about 16 distinct school and colleges, it has roughly 600 majors. It has produced 14 Nobel laureates. It is unique for running the largest health care center and a first class access to a computer by her students, its library has about 13 million volumes. 

  1. Princeton university

Location: Princeton, New Jersey US


This is a historic and one of the oldest universities in the united states. It is historic and popular for having the scar of 1777 battle of Princeton canon scar.  It is a research institution,  it also uses a unique system of education that aims at bringing out the best in you.

 You’re dream of studying in the top colleges in the world is gradually becoming a reality, all it needs from you is to just click the link of any institution of your choice and contact their admission portal.

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