Best Colleges to Study in America

Best Colleges to Study in America

 Even thou the united states of America has one of the best universities to study in, majority of her international students who wants to study in in the country are always looking for those who have their interest.

  1. Columbia University in the City of New York

LOCATION: New York City, NY

Website: https://www.columbia.edu/ 

This university currently is the 20th most foreign occupied university in the United States.  This university offered about $62,004 financial aids to her students making it the highest any students can apply. 

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  1. University of Southern California

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Website: https://www.usc.edu/ 

This university has about 18,000 international students, this institution is currently growing 7 times since the last few years. Being in the most popular city in Is it has attracted several international students who wish to study they which is why it has many student’s friendly policies. 

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA

Website: https://www.cmu.edu/ 

This university has about 23% of her students international, it has one of the highest international student’s employment rate.  It also secures OPT or STEM work extensions. Allowing them to stay back after election.

  1. New York University

LOCATION: New York City, NY

Website: https://www.nyu.edu/ 

This institution is a popular institution among students due to her location, it also through her Tisch Office of Career Development’s team helps international students in their career choice, it has affiliation with many New York industries and does her best to inculcate her international students.

  1. Babson College

LOCATION: Wellesley, MA

Website: https://www.babson.edu/ 

This university is renowned for her international students welcoming policies, it was one of the leading institutions to oppose the immigration laws of the united states,  they also helped the affected students.  It has a statement values the individual cultural perspectives and experiences international students bring to the classroom and the community. 

  1. Claremont McKenna College

LOCATION: Claremont, CA

Website: https://www.cmc.edu/ 

 This institution due to her small size is a selective institution,  it accepts about 1300 which about 230 international students. Majority of the students chose courses in mathematics, international relationship and security and economics.

  1. University of California-Berkeley

LOCATION: Berkeley, CA

Website: https://www.berkeley.edu/ 

This university being around the silicon valley,  it aims at building her students to  liberal focus and booming economy combine to form an incredibly appealing career destination for non-US citizens.  This university builds her students to take up a career in any field of life.

  1. Emory University


Website: https://www.emory.edu/ 

This institution is the 16th highest student’s population, it has a global strategy of inculcating her international students with the needed skills and knowledge to help them make a great career in their country.  It also helps her international students get job in companies like Coca-Cola Company and Delta Airlines. 

  1. Pomona College

LOCATION: Claremont, CA

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Website: https://www.pomona.edu/ 

This Small four-year college has about 19% of her students from different countries, it even opened an app that runs 24/7 called the international students support services.  Some list this institution as the second best college for international students.

  1. Boston University


Website: https://www.bu.edu/ 

This university is the best choice for students who wish to study in Boston,  it offers her students the International Student & Scholar Hub, where it helps  her international students with community, health, career and housing matters. 

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