March 4, 2024
Top Biggest University in USA

Top Biggest University in USA

 Many persons who wish to study in the United States of America sometimes look for the top biggest university in USA, due to the opportunity to intersect with many students and socialize as a community. Which is one of the reasons we have compiled this list.

  1. University of Central Florida

Location: Orlando, FL


This university is the biggest university in USA, it has some campuses in the sunshine States. It is a public research university with a student’s population of about 60,000.  It also has a campus at the Kennedy space Centre and dozens of other campus both online. it provides her students with the opportunity to connect with the most brilliant and successful minds. 

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  1. Texas A&M University—College Station

Location: College Station, TX


This institution is the oldest and largest institution in Texas, established in 1876.  This institution is ranked 3rd for her commitment towards community service, academics, economic mobility.  It houses about 19 colleges and has about 128 undergraduate program and 268 graduate program.  It has a student’s enrollment of about 53,743.

  1. Florida International University

Location: Miami, FL


 This university currently is the largest university in the Miami region, it was founded in 1965, this university has about 190 degree options both in person and online.  It has a student’s population of 49004.  It offers many high quality programs. 

  1. Ohio State University—Columbus

Location: Columbus, OH


 This university is the largest public School in the country, this institution has about 200 majors and minors. it offers a personalized program where students plan their programs.

  1. Liberty University

Location: Lynchburg, VA


This university is one of the largest non-profit university and biggest evangelical Christian college in the world, and the largest in the state.  It is the most selective institution in the state. It has 16 colleges and schools. It has a student’s enrollment of 45,935. 

  1. Arizona State University—Tempe

Location: Tempe, AZ


 This university has about four campuses and it has about 300 majors, it is a great research institution. It is ranked first for its innovation in the US. It has a Students enrollment of about 42,844.

  1. University of Texas—Austin

Location: Austin, TX


This great institution has about 156 undergraduate degrees and 237 graduate degrees, this great institution has about 17 libraries, and museums. It has about 400 study abroad options in about 78 different countries.

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  1. Pennsylvania State University—University Park

Location: University Park, PA


 This research institution is a is a public, land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant, sun-grant institution, it was established in 1855.  It also an ivy league institution.  It has about 160 major. It has many research institution and runs a collaborative research work with the US department of defense.   It also allows her students participate in a research with her faculty.

  1. Michigan State University

Location: East Lansing, MI


This great institution has about 200 majors in her programs.  It has about 275 different study abroad options. It is renowned for its Journalism and Biomedical Sciences.

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