Best Colleges and Universities in Sarasota, FL

Best Colleges and Universities in Sarasota, FL

The city of Sarasota is a small city in the state of Florida  known for her cultural, education and environmental amenities, this city alone houses jobs which are high paying and also have great employment rate they are  in professions like healthcare, finance, information technology, education, a lot of universities in this city are so rich in terms of knowledge they offer and their abilities to combine courses and subjects from different areas of interest to aid them in building a responsible citizens, the city alone has a moderate cost of living. The city has many rich cultural sites, the list of the best universities and colleges in Sarasota listed below was compiled together with those around it but we explained each according to their location.

  • University of South Florida
  • Keiser University
  • Webster University
  • Everglades University
  • Argosy University
  • State College of Florida- Bradenton
  • Eckerd College
  • Ringling College of Art and Design
  • New College of Florida

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  1. State College of Florida- Bradenton

Location: Manatee-Sarasota

Website: https://www.scf.edu/ 

This public 4 year institution has 3 campuses and was established in 1957, it is the largest university and offers online program. It offers program that awards a bachelor’s program and 30 workforce certificate. 

  1. Eckerd College

Location: st Petersburg, FL

Website: https://www.eckerd.edu/ 

This is a private Presbyterian liberal arts college, it is ranked 140 among liberal arts colleges in the US. It’s program of study cuts across fields like Environmental Science, Engineering and Business Management Bachelor and Master’s programs.

  1. Ringling College of Art and Design

Location: Sarasota, FL

Website: https://www.ringling.edu/ 

This institution is a private art and design college, it offers BFA and BA degrees. It also awards scholarship to her students and financial aids.

      4. New College of Florida

Location: Sarasota, Fl

Website: https://www.ncf.edu/ 

This is a public, liberal arts honors college, it offers over 40 different majors in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and as well as several interdisciplinary concentrations. It ranked 90th among liberal arts colleges in USA.

Institutions around Sarasota

  1. University of South Florida


Website:  https://www.usf.edu/ 

Distance to Sarasota: 

This university is the 4th largest institution in Florida, it is a public research university and offers about 180 degree programs in her bachelor’s, master’s, specialist and doctorate programs. It is also renowned for her researches.

  1. Keiser University


Website: https://www.keiseruniversity.edu/ 

Distance to Sarasota: 

This is a private university, it offers conventional and online delivery programs in her undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees. It ranked 263 in university ranking.

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  1. Webster University


Website: https://www.webster.edu/ 

This is a nonprofit institution, it offers undergraduate and graduate programs in liberal arts, performing arts, business, and administration. Admission requirements for this institutions requires you to achieve a 3.0 score in their ACT or 1000 in their SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Maths.

  1. Everglades University


Website: https://www.evergladesuniversity.edu/ 

This is a non-profit institution, this institution awards undergraduate and master degree, it also offers scholarship, financial aids to her students.

Studying in the city of Sarasota will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life, just click the links to any of the institution to apply.

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