Best Art Colleges in Georgia

Best Art Colleges in Georgia

Best Art Colleges in Georgia

  Art, or should I say, the expression of human imagination and creative skill, carries a vital part of the human life. The art world is wide, it goes beyond just painting and drawing, a major feature is the culture it preserves. 

  Because of its value, colleges have been established in order to give many- who love art, the opportunity to exhibit their dexterity and self-expression. 

  In this article, we’ll be looking into top 10 out of the 75 Arts and Design schools in Georgia. 

Which Are The Best Art Colleges In Georgia? 

 Here’s a list of the best art colleges in Georgia. Colleges in this list have been ranked based on:

  • It’s degree of focus. 
  • Student survey. 
  • Accreditation. 
  • Government sources. 

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  • Emory University:

Address201 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322, United State. 

Establishment-  It was founded in 1836 by the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Official School Website-

About:  Emory University, named after John Emory, is a private university by type and well known for its reputation in art across Georgia.

 In this university lies 9 academic divisions which includes its art school – Emory College of Arts and Sciences. 

 The University is large in area and offers 15 Arts and Design degree programs. One can pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

  • Savannah College of Art and Design:

Address- 516 Drayton St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States. 

Establishment- The college was incorporated on the 29th of September, 1978 by Richard G. Rowan, Paula S. Wallace , May L. Poetter and Paul E. Poetter. 

Official School Website-

About-  Savannah College of Arts and Design is another prestigious school of art in Georgia. 

  The University has another of itself in Atlanta. It provides an alternative to traditional learning by the availability of a degree-granting online education program. The college also provides a study abroad location in Lacoste, France. 

 Savannah College of Arts and Design offers 35 Art And Design Degree programs available to its alumni and a Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and Certificates degrees.

  • University Of Georgia:

Address- Athens, GA 30602, United States

Establishment-  It was founded in 1785 by Abraham Baldwin.

Official School Website-

About-  The University of Georgia is a high research institution of learning and has the most selective admission category.

  This university is one of the nation’s top producers of Rhodes Scholars. 

 It offers 19 Art And Design Degree programs available to its students from which, after their years of learning, earn bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and Certificate degree. 

  • Mercer University:

Address- 1501 Mercer University Dr, Macon, GA 31207, United States. 

Establishment- The University was founded in 1833 as “Mercer Institute”, by 1837, it had fully gained ground. Mercer University is the oldest private university in Georgia.

Official School Website-

About- Mercer University is  another esteemed university with a reputation in Arts and Design. 

 Its college of liberal arts, established in 1833, is centre of the University which gives students the opportunity to study humanities, arts, social science and natural science. 

 This University offers 11 Art And Design Degree programs leading to a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus:

Address – North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332, United States

Establishment – The institution was founded in October 13, 1885. 

Official School Website –

About – Georgia tech is a large public university and it’s of high class, standing out among many others. 

  The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts- its school of art, is one of the six academic units of the Institute. 

  The College aims at uniting the  STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering, and math) and the humanities and social science. 

 Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus offers only 1 Art And Design Degree program leading to a Masters degree in liberal arts.

  • Georgia Southern University:

Address – 1332 Southern Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458, United States. 

Establishment – The University was founded on the 1st of December, 1906. 

Official School Website –

About – Georgia Southern University is a large public university, opened in 1908 with just 15 students and 4 faculty members. 

 The university was first founded as a land grant college – First District Agricultural & Mechanical School. 

  Georgia Southern University offers 14 Art And Design Degree programs. In 2015, nearly hundred students graduated in Art And Design programs. 

  • Georgia State University:

Address – Atlanta, GA 30302, United States

Establishment – The state university was founded in 1913. It is a member of the University System of Georgia’s four research universities.

Official School Website –

About – Georgia State University is by far the largest higher institution of learning in Georgia, enrolling over 53,000 students.

  According to the U.S news global ranking, the University’s Arts and humanities category was ranked 107. 

 Georgia State University offers 7 Art And Design Degree programs where students can earn Bachelor’s, master’s and Certificates degree. 

  • Spelman College:

Address –  350 Spelman Ln SW, Atlanta, GA 30314, United States. 

Establishment – The college was founded in 1881. Then, it was known as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary. Later in 1924, it became Spelman College. 

Official School Website –

About – Spelman College is a private women’s college, aimed at educating women of African descent. 

  The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). 

 The Art major provides students with the technical knowledge of creating art works, using modern day technologies. 

 Spelman College offers 2 Art And Design Degree programs leading to a bachelor’s degrees.

  • Georgia College and State University:

Address –  231 W Hancock St, Milledgeville, GA 31061, United States. 

Establishment – The University was founded in 1889. 

Official School Website –

About – Georgia College and State University is a public institution and one of the best in Georgia where one can take an art course. 

 Its College of Arts and Sciences is the core of the liberal arts institution. Students have the opportunity to obtain baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in the fine and applied arts and other professional fields. 

 Georgia College and State University offers 6 Art And Design Degree programs where students can earn master’s and bachelor’s degrees. 

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  • Piedmont College:

Address – 1021 Central Ave, Demorest, GA 30535, United States

Establishment – The college was founded on the 1st of September, 1897. 

Official School Website –

About –  Though, small in terms of enrollment, this private college is one of the best where art can be studied.

 Its school of Arts and Sciences has 9 departments which one can choose from, they include Art, Humanities, Music and Theatre. 

 From the School of Arts and Sciences, students can obtain Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Science degrees.

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