Best Fashion Design College in New York

Best Fashion Design College in New York

The field of fashion continues to get more and more advanced, which is one of the reasons many persons who seek to build a renowned career in fashion and design seek to study the course in the city of new York, due to the employment opportunities they offer her graduates and also they have one of the best programs in the area of fashion.

  • Parsons New School of Fashion Design,
  • New York School of Design
  • Pratt Institute
  • LIM College
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Esaie Couture Design School
  • New York School of Design
  • Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York
  • The New York Sewing Center
  1. Parsons New School of Fashion Design

Location:  new York 

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Website: https://www.newschool.edu/parsons/fashion-school/

This institution was founded in 1896, with a student’s population of about 5,000.  It offers courses for AAS students, Accessories Design, Drawing, Fashion, Materials and Fabrication, Sustainable Design, and Textile while Bachelor of Fine Arts students will also study Accessories Design, Drawing, Fashion, and Sustainable Design as well as Fashion History, Theory, and Criticism, Materials, and Fabrication, and Textiles, and awards and AAS and BFA degrees in Fashion Design, an AAS in Fashion Marketing, a BFA Integrated Studies, an MA in Fashion Studies, and an MFA in Textiles or Fashion Design and Society.

  1. Fashion Institute of Technology

Location: Manhattan, NY

Website: http://www.fitnyc.edu/ 

This state fashion institute was founded in 1944, it offers about 17 majors which awards A.A.S., B.F.A., or B.Sc., Masters and doctorate degrees.

  1. Pratt Institute

Location: New York

Website: http://www.pratt.edu/ 

This institution was founded in 1887, through her design and arts school it offers programs in BFA in costume design and a BFA in fine arts, with options in jewelry etc. It also offers her students opportunity to participate in fashion competitions.

  1. New York School of Design

Location: New York

Website: https://www.nyschoolofdesign.com/ 

This is a renowned fashion and design school that aims at building people who can incorporate, theory and practice build you as an independent fashion designer. 

  1. Esaie Couture Design School

Location: New York, NY

Website: http://www.esaiecouturedesignschool.com/ 

This institution aims at preparing her students to gain international and local fashion designing experience, it prepares her students to take up challenges in the field of fashion.

  1. LIM College

Location: midtown Manhattan, NY

Website: https://www.limcollege.edu/ 

This is a private fashion institute founded in 1939, it offer’s program that awards master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree in the area of fashion. This institution aims at preparing her students to have an experience of fashion and academics while preparing them leave a foot print in the fashion industry.

  1. Marist College

Location: Manhattan New York

Website: https://www.marist.edu/admission/undergraduate/fin-aid/tuition-fees 

This private institution is owned by the Marist brothers a Catholic group of brothers and is a Comprehensive college with emphasis in arts and design.  This institution is unique and has set herself above her counterparts through her engagement in innovative partnerships and initiatives, aimed at preparing students develop a career in fashion.

  1. Rochester Institute of Technology

Location:  new york

Website: https://www.rit.edu/ 

This is a private institution founded in 1829, aimed at preparing her students to gain an experience of career education and experiential learning. It offers and awards a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Metalcrafts and Jewelry. It is also unique for preparing deaf and hard at hearing students to take up a creative and innovative program too.

  1. The New York Sewing Center

Location: New York

Website: https://www.thenewyorksewingcenter.com/ 

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This is a private fashion institute owned by a Kristine Frailing, a female fashionist as aimed at preparing students to creatively develop and put a foot print in the area of fashion. And also build women in the fashion industry.

  1. Kent State University

Location: New York City

Website: https://www.kent.edu/fashion/NYCStudio 

This university has a fashion studio where it prepares her students to embrace the fashion industry through their experimental classes, it also prepares them for a successful career in fashion industry.

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