Best Jobs for Building Your Career at Microsoft

Best Jobs for Building Your Career at Microsoft

 It is an average Americans dream to work in the Silicon Valley, especially those who are in the field of technology, many of the firms in the Silicon Valley are so competitive when it comes to employment due to the reputation of the organization or company, companies like Microsoft, amazon, google etc. are among the most applied companies in the silicon valley, majority of the applicants wants to work in Microsoft soft, which is one of the reasons we have decided to compile a list of the best jobs  for building your career at Microsoft.

  Microsoft is a high selective organization when it comes to employment due to they seek for individual with a team building skill and who are innovative too, they also seek for persons with knowledge of the key programming languages like C+, C++, java, python and other machine languages which are necessary for their company. We were able to compile the highest building jobs to ease your search.

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  1. Software Engineer II

The field of software engineering is becoming a hot cake in Microsoft today owing to their business app, Microsoft Dynamics 365, which requires you to be innovative and be able to apply end-to-end digital transformation, predictive analysis, augmented reality, and machine learning. This job requires you to have a knowledge of Java, C++, and C#, with at least 3 years of experience as a software developer, with a prior experience in either linear programming or combinatorial algorithms, and coding skills

  1. Senior Applied Scientist

This field requires you to have the ability to use and create artificial intelligence, that can ease daily struggles of man, with a team who can help make the idea a reality, it requires you to have a knowledge of software language skills, including C++, C, C#, Java, and Python, machine learning algorithms and data mining, then finally a doctorate degree in computer science.

  1. Senior UX Developer

This area requires a knowledge and passion of the React Native platform, application to be a Ux developer requires you to share one if your open source documents with a community, with your knowledge of react native application like Windows, web, Mac OS, iOS, and Android may require your knowledge, to be employed in this field you need to have a knowledge of coding languages such as objective C, Swift, Objective, Kotlin, Typescript or JavaScript, Java, C#, and C++.

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  1. Azure Dev Support Engineer

This job needs you to have ability to solve problems and your ability to resolve problems related to facilities is one of the aims of this position. Your work will also focus on improving their product or services and support experience that is more of customer comfort or user comfort is your aim in this position.  A basic knowledge of coding languages and frameworks like WordPress, Java, Python, .Net core, Ruby, PHP, ASP.NET, Drupal a plus, and Joomla. High CSS and HTML. Trouble shooting skills is also needed, ability to understand some concepts if programing.

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