Best Jobs for College Graduates with no Experience

Best Jobs for College Graduates with no Experience

  Of course, in the world today, there are myriad of job opportunities across various sectors, ranging from skilled to unskilled, from formal to informal, some require a burst of energy and strength while others are just the opposite and so on. 

  After enduring series of hurdles in college, many graduates still end up getting under-employed or even unemployed which can make blending in the society difficult. And because of this, they indulge in ferocious activities to earn a living. 

  After a study, I’ve found series of jobs a college graduate can take with little or no experience at all! So if you’re a graduate, then this article’s for you. 

So What Job(s) Can I Take As A College Graduate With No Experience? 

  A lot of graduates out there are still on the quest of getting a white collar job, while there are other readily available jobs to fill the gap. 

 Here’s a list of jobs you can take as a graduate with no experience:

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  Copywriting/ freelancing as its name implies, basically deal with writing. Writing articles and other advertisement contents. 

  Any college graduate irrespective of their field can work successfully as a copywriter as long as one has a good writing skill. 

 There are various places where one can work as a copywriter – such as an online article writer; where you get to write articles for sites and get paid. One can also work as a copywriter for an agency or a marketing body. 

  A sales representative is someone who sells or market products for a company, they usually travel away from their company’s premises to find and sell to customers.

  This is another job a college graduate with little or no experience can opt in. As long as one can easily associate and ensure a smooth relationship with people, have good communication and social skill, then one is good to go as a sales representative. 

  So if you’re a college graduate with a strong social skill, while hoping and waiting to get that dream job, why not go for a salesperson for the time being? 

  Most international and even local restaurants around the world, like a pizza restaurant need those who will deliver their products to customers all around. This is the job of a delivery person. 

  Try taking this job as it proves to be a nice means of income, plus, it requires no experience to start. 

  Are you are graduate with a very fine communication skill? Do you love to listen and hear out people’s opinions? If yes, then life coaching might just be what you need. 

  A life coach is simply someone who guides and give advice to people on life’s issues. This is more or less an act of counseling. 

 Becoming a life coach requires some certain skills so has to handle the complex issues of certain individuals, some of which are:

  • Openness: as a life coach, you have to open up which includes often sharing your own experience. 
  • Non verbal listening: such as maintaining eye contact and a facial expression that shows you’re focused on what is being said. 

Graduates can take up this job as it’s less competitive.

   Many college graduates often see this job as a poor man’s job. If you are among those with this mentality then you’re on the wrong side as being a cordwainer is a lucrative source of livelihood. 

  A cordwainer is someone that makes all kinds of footwear such as Adidas, Nike, Fila and lots more. These company make millions of dollars per month! But don’t get shocked by the dollars, they started somewhere. 

  Surprisingly a graduate without a fore experience can venture into this job. So if you’re a graduate without a job yet, here’s a job available for you. 

  This is another job any graduate can take up. It’s readily available and can fetch you as much money as you’ll earn from your actual dream job. 

  A social media Promoter is someone who is involved in digital marketing, they help to advertise or create awareness about various business deals through the social media. 

  Any graduate can venture into being a social media promoter since it requires no formal or special training. As long as you’ve got a strong social media handle with vast followers, you’re good to go. You advertise products, you get paid. 

  There is no doubt that being a bartender requires no fore experience, it’s open to anyone that is interested which includes college graduates. 

  What bartenders do is that they prepare and serve drinks at restaurants, clubs, hotels and so on. All you just need to do is to be formal and moderate in your dealings with the customers. So, to the graduate still hoping on the dream job, why not skip the wait and take up this readily available job?

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  In this ever busy world, people all around need quick means of transportation to their various destinations and that’s where this jobs comes in. 

  A taxi driver as we all know, is some who drives a taxicab. They convey passengers to their destination and get paid immediately. What a livelihood. 

 Being a taxi driver is open to all especially college graduates irrespective of the field of sturdy because it requires little or no formal training, all you need is your driver’s license. 

 Everyone needs a home devoid of all kinds of pest such as rats amongst many others. In order to do this, a pest control agent is needed. 

  A pest control agent is someone that exterminates pests in the home, office etc. They do so and get their pay. 

  This job also requires little or no formal or special training to begin. Which implies that college graduates can dive into it as a means of livelihood. 

Wrapping up:

 These and many more are jobs a college graduate can take up which requires little or no experience at all, so always be on the look out for the best job that suits you. 

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