Best Marketing Colleges in US

Best Marketing Colleges in US

The field of marketing is becoming a hot cake as a result of many firms need people who can help in strategic and sales of their products, who can be able to coordinate team and assist in the company achieving their daily, monthly etc. targets without running into deficient. The list of the best marketing colleges in US is aimed to guide you in your choice as a great marketer. 

  1. University of Minnesota-Duluth

 Location: Duluth, Minnesota

Website: https://lsbe.d.umn.edu/marketing/marketing.php 

This institution through her Labovitz School of Business and Economics offers a bachelors in bussiness administration with a major in Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing and Graphic Design where they train her students to have an understanding of consumer behavior formulate marketing policies etc.

  1. Texas A & M University-College Station

Location: College station, Texas

Website: http://mays.tamu.edu/ 

This institution through her may business school, offers an Bachelor in Business Administration (B.B.A) with a major in marketing, with degree options in Advertising Strategy, Analytics and Consulting, Professional Selling and Sales Management, and Retail Buying and Management. This institution offers a scholarship or graduate assistantships to her MBA students and her PhD students received financial Aids.

  1. Rutgers University

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Website: http://www.business.rutgers.edu// 

This institution through her business school houses 20 research centers in the field of business, with two related to marketing Center for Marketing Research and the Center for Market Advantage. It offers a bachelor of marketing program where HSR students can go on field trips abroad, through membership of students run marketing association and take international marketing course’s. They also offer MBA and PhD for students who are academic and research oriented.

  1. University of Illinois at Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Website: http://business.uic.edu/ 

This institution offers a scholarship of $5000 scholarship to her marketing students, they also pair their students with a mentor from their faculty, with access to latest research materials in marketing. They also offer financial assistance and fee waivers to her MBA, MSc and PhD students.

  1. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Website: http://digitalcampus.umn.edu/programs/marketing.html 

This institution offers a bachelor in business with minors and majors in Marketing, through her Masters students it affords her students the ability to organize and select an area of marketing and also a PhD in marketing.

  1. Rutgers University

Location: Camden, New Jersey

Website: http://www.business.rutgers.edu/marketing 

This institution offers an undergraduate courses in Marketing and MBA with concentration in marketing, it allows her students in major complete a course in any of the following cores accounting, management skills, operations management, business law and statistical methods. It also offers a flexible distance learning program in marketing.

  1. SUNY College at Oswego

Location: Oswego, New York

Website: https://www.oswego.edu/programs/undergraduate/marketing-bs 

It offers a bachelor of science in marketing, and also offers a five years joint program which leads to award of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and a Master of Business Administration (Broadcasting BA/MBA) in collaboration with School of Communications Media and the Arts for her students interested in advertising and marketing broadcasting etc.

  1. Appalachian State University

Location: Boone, North Carolina

Website: http://marketing.appstate.edu/ 

This institution offers a bachelor of science in business administration in marketing, and a minor too and also offers an undergraduate major in advertising and public relations through her s Department of Communications. It also offers marketing related scholarships to her students.

Programs in this 8 best marketing institution prepares you for lifelong career as a digital marketer, data analyst, IT content manager and a social media marketer, which is one of the reasons for high demand for marketers in Us and other countries.

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