Cheapest Universities in Hawaii

Cheapest Universities in Hawaii

 Hawaii is a home to more than 25 institutions including two years’ colleges, thou it is known as the most popular vacation site in the US, it has a lot to offer to student’s education. Even thou it’s a small state it has many cheap universities

  1. Brigham Young University 


Website: http://www.byuh.edu/ 

 This university is a famous university owned by the Mormons, it has a student’s population of about 2500.  This university is small but beautiful, it is a faith based institution, which aims at preparing her students in academic, spiritual, and professional development.  Professors in this university spend most of their time with their students.  It also has Polynesian Cultural Center, it also awards her students with some financial aids and assistance.

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  1. University of Hawaii Manoa

LOCATION: Honolulu, HI

Website: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/ 

This university was founded in 1907, this institution has its flagship campus in manoa.  It has a student’s population of about 14000 undergraduate, from all 50 states of united states, and from other international countries. Being proud of its Hawaiian heritage it has a center where native Hawaiian knowledge, culture, and language.  It also has specialized research centers in the following fields Oceanography, Marine Biology, Astronomy, Pacific Rim studies, Linguistics, and Genetics.

  1. Hawaii Pacific University

LOCATION: Honolulu, HI

Website: http://www.hpu.edu/ 

This great university is the Hawaii Hawaii’s leading private, nonsectarian university, it has many research centers in the field of oceanography, most of her programs teach students in military.  It offers military courses online and in about 7 different locations.  It is popular for pre professional programs in health care field like Chiropractic, Veterinary Medicine, and Optometry.

  1. Pacific Rim Christian University

LOCATION: Honolulu, HI

Website: https://www.pacrim.edu/ 

This university majority of her programs focuses on all degrees focus on Biblical Studies, Theology, or Ministry, it aims at being a pace setter for other Christian universities, it programs run across undergraduate and graduate programs, it also aims at developing her students to gain skills in Christian leadership.  It has affiliation with institutions in Japan, Australia. 

  1. university of Hawaii West Oahu


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Website: http://uhwo.hawaii.edu/ 

 This great institution is a small liberal arts university, thou currently it has evolved her majors to include other courses, it has programs that aims at preserving the native Hawaii cultures, through program in Hawaiian language and culture, you can also major in career’s in disaster management and Nursing. It has an in state tuition fee of $7,512 and out state tuition fee of $20,472. This institution has a STEM center of excellence aimed to improve her students research skills and ability.

  1. Chained University of Honolulu


Website: http://www.chaminade.edu/ 

This university was founded by Catholic church in the year 1955, it has about 2300 students in her about 20 majors.  It has master’s degree in 9 fields.  It also hosts on campus retreat and seminars to assist her students.  It has a student’s faculty ratio of 11:1. It has a financial aids and scholarships. In state tuition fee is $25,374.

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