Best Colleges and Universities in Ithaca NY

Best Colleges and Universities in Ithaca NY

 Ithaca is home to many stunning waterfalls, wineries, lakes, it has beautiful music and arts centres,  it is home to about 3 universities and 3 community colleges, being the largest community in its county, it  is ranked number among number town in the united states, making this place a popular city for those interested in studying,  the best college and universities in Ithaca, was compiled to aid your search for a great university to study in.  

  1. Cornell University

Location: Ithaca New York

Website: https://www.cornell.edu/ 

This is a private college founded in 1865, her programs are divided into seven undergraduate colleges and seven graduate sections. It has a student’s population of 15,000 undergraduates and 9,000 doctoral students from all 50 states of the United States and 119 different countries. It is ranked 18 among national universities.

  1. Ithaca College

Location: Ithaca, New York

Website: https://www.ithaca.edu/ 

Through her five schools it offers more than 90 degree programs, most of her programs are Management, Marketing, Humanities, Wellness, Business, and related support services and Biomedical Sciences.  It provides her students with life-changing education that maximizes safe, immersive, and transformative learning opportunities.  It offers about 97% financial aids to her students.

  1. Keuka College

Location: Ithaca, New York

Website: https://www.keuka.edu/ 

 This great private university was established in 1890, it offers about 31 degrees and 7 master’s degree in fields like law, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, optometry and occupational therapy. To be admitted into this university you must have a GED high school diploma, must possess a GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 scale.

  1. Empire State College

Location: Ithaca, New York

Website: https://www.esc.edu/ 

This institution has an associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees’ programs in various fields, this institution offers many scholarships to her residents, and also school some financial assistance.

 Institutions near the city of Ithaca

  1. State University of New York College (SUNY College)

Location: Cortland, New York

Website: https://www.suny.edu/campuses/cortland/ 

Distance to Ithaca: 

This institution offers degree and certificate in three fields, they offer scholarships and financial aids to her students.  It offers graduate and advanced certificate programs.

2. Elmira College

Location: Elmira, New York

Website: https://www.elmira.edu/ 

Distance to Ithaca: 

 This institution offers undergraduate, graduate programs, even continuation programs. This institution is ranked 6 in Regional Colleges North, and it offers her students many opportunities to participate in various sports like baseball, basketball, cross-crossing, soccer, nation, golf, ice hockey, tennis and volleyball.

  1. Wells College

Location: Aurora, New York

Website: https://www.wells.edu/ 

Distance to Ithaca: 

This is a small private liberal arts college, it has programs both major, minor undergraduate degree programs and pre-professional degree programs in business, entrepreneurship and book arts. It has a student’s faculty ratio of 9:1 with a student’s population of about 500.  It is ranked 136 in National Liberal Arts Colleges. With a tuition fee of 30,900 USD.

 Studying in Ithaca, will be one of your greatest decision you will ever make in your life, as they’re many new places and friends to meet every day. 

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