March 4, 2024
Fully Funded UNICEF Internship Program 2021

Fully Funded UNICEF Internship Program 2021

Most times most of the  department in the united nations bring out opening and make them available to the general public but only a few persons are aware of them all, this has been a hindrance for a long time now. This program is open to both undergraduate, Masters and PhD degree applicants. And students from any part of the world can apply for this internship opportunity. UNICEF Internship Program 2021 is open to all who wish to apply from 18 years of age.

The UNICEF program is fully funded by the UNICEF to help them train potential staffs, and help build youths to help and key into most of her key programs. This program will cover most of your expenses, and since this program started it has trained not more than 1000 volunteers. 

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This internship program will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life, as it stands a chance of helping you to partake in the UN humanitarian arm. And will add to your experience. 

About the UNICEF Internship Program 2021

This program is fully funded by the UNICEF, and it is open to all Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD degree candidates, this program lasts for 6 to 36 weeks, and its deadline varies but it is open now. 

 The UNICEF united nations children emergency fund was  founded on 11 December, 1946 to meet the needs of the children after the world war, and presently this agency works in about 190 nations of the world defending the rights of children, saving their lives and helping them achieve their potentials.  This organization has its headquarters in new York united states of America, it has also done all it takes to achieve the sustainable development goals SDG.

Value description of the UNICEF Internship Program 2021

  • Monthly stipend
  • Living expenses paid by UNICEF or partner institution 
  • Transport expenses will be given

Eligibility and selection criteria for the UNICEF Internship Program

  • Must be an international undergraduate or graduate from any country for internship
  • Must be fluent and proficient in any of the UNICEF working language which are Spanish, English and French, 
  • Must have excellent academic record’s
  • Have no relations working with UNICEF
  • Have no relative in your reporting line of duty
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

Application Deadline for the UNICEF Internship Program: There is no deadline yet for this program as everyone is free to apply for it any time, only select your preferred internship program, and remember first come first serve

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Documents: CV, online form, recommendation letter, Cover letter

Application Details for the UNICEF Internship Program

This program will entirely be submitted online and to apply you must submit your documents and fill all required forms, 

To apply take the following steps

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  1. I am interested how can i apply for the scholarship and also the university as well as program of study

  2. This is a great opportunity, I’m interested in joining the UNICEF Internship programme,please advise on the way forward, I have a certificate in Early Childhood Development which was UNiCEF funded

  3. I’m from Guinea-Bissau and studding Agriculture at South Dakota State University In The US and i have not a scholarship

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