Junior College’s in San Diego, CA

Junior College’s in San Diego, CA

 Studying in the state of California can be so frustrating owing to it is the state with one of the most popular three cities in the US, which are San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and working in any of this cities requires you to at least have a degree in a two year college in order to get the most competitive Jobs.  And most persons can’t apply to study in any of the great universities in California or San Diego as a result of tuition fee, which has made most persons seek for admission in community or Junior college’s. 

 San Diego is one of the safest cities in the US, and it is great place to study, it has a friendly atmosphere and and most people of her institutions especially junior or community college offer low tuition fees.

  1. San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, CA
  2. San Diego Miramar College, San Diego, CA
  3. Cuyamaca College, San Diego CA
  4. Concorde Career College – San Diego Caa
  5. Platt College San Diego, CA

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  1. San Diego Mesa College

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: http://www.sdmesa.edu/ 

This is one or the main community college in San Diego, this institution offers an bachelor’s degree and several associate degrees.  This institution has many financial aids and assistance to her students. It also affords her students jobs and internship opportunities.

  1. San Diego Miramar College

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: http://sdmiramar.edu/programs

 This public research community college was founded in 1969,  it has about 14,000 students and has about over 150 associate degree and certificate programs. Most of her programs emphasizes career and technical education, making it an excellent choice for aspiring IT professionals, aviation maintenance technicians, and automotive technicians.  It also offers a bachelor’s completion program into a four year college. To be admitted into this institution you are to apply online application, send official transcripts, and complete an online orientation from the college.

This college provides her students with internship and scholarship opportunities, and also affords financial aids to her students.

  1. Cuyamaca College

Location: Rancho San Diego, CA

Website: https://www.cuyamaca.edu/ 

This is a public community college, and offers about 81 associate degrees and 66 educational certificates, this college has many transfer programs to a four year college.  

  1. Concorde Career College – San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

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Website: https://www.concorde.edu/campus/san-diego-california 

This institution prepares her students in the fields of health care and dental professionals through career-focused, hands-on training, and teaching.  It aims at preparing great leaders to take over the fields of healthcare, and it has many advanced programs. This institution uses TOEFL for her admission.

  1. Platt College San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: https://platt.edu/ 

This is a private junior college that was established with aims to prepare students to take up a career in the following Fields,  Graphic Design, Digital Video Creation, 3D Modeling & Design, and Web Design and Development. This institution requires at least a high school diploma to admit her students.

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