Spanish Government Scholarships for International Students

Fully Funded Spanish Government Scholarships for International Students

The Spain Government Scholarships for International Students  is one of the efforts of the ministry of education Spain to help increase the population of international students in the country, and to serve as answer to the question often asked by her numerous applicants whether they’re scholarship available to study in that country, and also to help those who can’t afford to study they owing to the tuition fee, cost of living, this scholarship is open to both residents and international students, who wish to  get their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree in any of the Spanish university.  It also uses this medium to offer her students option of applying her multiple scholarships.

The Spanish government through her various scholarship and grants has continued to increase the population of international students through her various scholarship schemes, currently this country is ranked among the first most populated student’s country, it has about 78 world class universities, where it offers lots of degree, it focuses on providing quality education and support to her applicant’s. It has about 300,000 students from various countries studying there.

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 Studying in Spain will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life, owing to this country has technological and innovative based curriculum aimed at empowering her students to critically plan and contribute to their society while still a students  and to be a guru In Your field of study. This country will also give you the opportunity of working and studying with people from different parts of the world. 

About the Spanish Government Scholarships

This scholarship is fully funded by the Spanish government through her ministry of education, this scholarship affords you the opportunity to study in any of the 78 universities owned by the Spanish government. This scholarship covers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree, her undergraduate degree lasts for a period of 4 years, while her graduate degree lasts for up to two years, while her doctoral degree will last for up to 3 years’. Her university uses English as a medium of communication, and method of teaching. The last day to apply for this scholarship also varies depending on the type of scholarship you wish to apply. 

The scholarship will cover programs in the following

  • Medicine and allied health science’s
  • Biological and physical courses like physics, chemistry, computer, mathematics, microbiology, biochemistry, botany, zoology, etc.
  • Social science programs like economics, public administration, political science, sociology, history etc.
  • Humanities and art’s like theatre arts, languages, communication arts, etc.
  • Engineering programs
  • Business programs

List of the scholarship are 

  1. Spanish Government Scholarships

The Spanish government scholarship is available to both residents and international students with interest  to study in Spain, it is offered to eligible students in  undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree. For more information on the scholarship click here 

  1. UIC Barcelona Scholarship

 This scholarship is known as excellence international student’s scholarship and is available those who wish to study in this university in courses like Biomedicine, Bioengineering, Law, Business, Communication, Psychology, Nursing Physiotherapy, Psychology etc.

The last to apply is on 21st April 2021

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Click here to get more information 

  1. European University of the Atlantic

 This university funds about 20 international student’s education, it covers about 100% of her students tuition fee. And the last day to apply is on 21st October, 2021.

Click here to get more information 

  1. University of Granada Scholarship

 This scholarship is open to Masters and doctoral degree students, Erasmus mundi scholarship also covers this institution, so you can apply for this scholarship too, click here to apply and get more information   

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  1. I believe this university will enhance my academics to a higher position in life.

  2. It’s my desire to study in Spain

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