Top Online Colleges in California

Top Online Colleges in California

Top Online Colleges in California

 California is home to one of the largest industries in US, and its unemployment rate is very low approximately 3.9%, to get employment in this state requires a degree as most of its majors employers are education, finance, etc., thou most industries offer employment to high school graduates but on condition they get degree in a specified time frame, which makes online program an option, which is why we compiled a list of the best online colleges in California, as many colleges offer online program, our rating was based on how student friendly each institutions program is, tuition fee.

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  1. San Diego State University

Location: San Diego, CA


This institution boasts of eight program in her online program, they also offer masters in educational leadership for her teachers. They also offer 20 hybrid and certificate courses.

2. California State University-Fullerton

Location: Fullerton, CA


This institutions online courses targets associate degree in fields like sociology, business administration, and humanities and social sciences. All her program uses a 3-year plan and asynchronous curriculum.

3. Brandman University

Location: Irvine, CA


This institution also boasts of hybrid courses and online program. Some of her programs online include organizational leadership, preclinical psychology, and supply chain systems, they also offer academic advising. Prospective applicants must possess at least 12 undergraduate program and 2.0 GPA except for RN- BSN which requires higher.

4. Golden Gate University-San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA


This institution offers about 60 online programs with hybrid options for residents of San Francisco. It has a class size of 15, it also offers math’s and writing tutorials for her students. They offer grants to her full-time students and scholarships too.

5. California State University-Northridge

Location: Northridge, CA


This institution offers about 17 programs online, this institution makes sure that students get knowledge and skills needed for their careers. They also make their students complete an orientation which emphasizes on technology. They provide academic support and access to her library.

  1. Touro University Worldwide

Location: Los Alamitos, CA


This institution offers 18/programs online, through her 4 college’s. This institution offers an AS program for high school graduate to qualify for her 4 year programs. They also provide her students with career information and job information, they also provide her students with access to her virtual library

  1. Biola University

Location: La Mirada, CA


This institution focuses its topics on Christianity, they provide her students with access to the library, and provide research assistance to them, with some academic advising to assist career development.

8. Fresno Pacific University

Location: Fresno, CA


Fresno Pacific university provides online support to her first year and transfer students. They also offer graduate programs online too, it provides virtual tutoring and library support to her students. Transfer students are required to possess an undergraduate CGP of 2.4.

  1. California Baptist University

Location: Riverside, CA


About half of her 11,000 student’s population in Riverside campus earn her degree online, it also provides a flexible program, with hybrid options. Many applicants chose it because of her programs in Christian leadership. And ministry. Its online program starts every 8 weeks.

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  1. Azusa Pacific University

Location: Azusa, CA


This is a Christian university, that offers about 3 dozen online programs. It also offers a program in RN-BSN, it uses canvas to deliver its classes and also offers hybrid programs, its offers master’s in screenwriting, and a doctorate in rehabilitation and movement science, they also provide access to virtual libraries and some writing tools Like APA, MLA to her students.

Online colleges in California, has something unique in each especially in how they all handle their students, you can apply through the links provided to any institution that meets your test in the list above.

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