Top University And Colleges in New Port, RI

Top University And Colleges in New Port, RI

The city of Newport is at the sea side of aquidneck island, which is about 53 km from Providence RI, 32 km from the fall of Massachusetts, 119km from the south of Boston and its about 290 km from the northeast of New York city. Which makes it unique in terms of location as it avails one the opportunity to visit any of this popular cities around it, the city houses the following institutions of higher learning Naval Academy Preparatory School, Salve Regina University, Naval War College, International Yacht Restoration School, and the Community College of Rhode Island Newport Campus.  This article was aimed to give you and exact and true information about the top universities and colleges in Newport, Rhodes Island.

Although we will feature universities and colleges that are close to new port, to clear the confusions you get when searching for institutions in Newport and around it.

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  1. Salve Regina University



This university was founded by the sisters of mercy in 1934, this university trains her students in accordance to the principles of the sisters which is helping them find ways to create a world that is harmonious, just and merciful. This university has about 46 majors and an undergraduate student’s population of 2,100. Its students staff ratio is 13: 1. With a class average of 20. It has historical buildings and arboretum. This university has about 1200 mature trees of about 100 species.

  1. Naval war College

Location: new port, RI


This great institution was founded in 1884, currently this institution serves as a laboratory for strategic warfare planning, its programs aims at preparing graduates to be problem solvers and leaders. This institution through her research programs provides information to different security agencies, which can help address some security challenges around the world. It offers programs in the following academic division, College of Naval Command and Staff, Maritime Advanced Warfighting School (MAWS), and College of Naval Warfare. Each with department aimed at preparing graduates for a career in the military. This institution has a graduate program, but her students in master of arts in international relationship take additional courses in international relationship with the salve Regina university. 

Other institutions which are colleges and universities around new port are listed below with their distance to Newport RI

  1. Brown University

LOCATION: Providence, RI


Distance to Newport: 43 minutes (34.1 miles)

This is a private research university founded in 1764, it offers about 70 degree concentrations for over 6,500 students. It has a student’s faculty ratio of 7:1. It is renowned for her 8 years’ medical education and degree and her engineering programs.

  1. Providence College

LOCATION: Providence, RI


Distance to Newport: 47 minutes

This is a Catholic research university founded in 1917, it offers about 49 majors and 36 minors for over 3,800 undergraduate students, with a student’s staff ratio of 12:1.  

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  1. University of Rhode Island

Location:  Kingston, Rhode Island


Distance to new port: 10.4 Miles

 This university was established as a flagship university in 1892, as an agricultural college, it has both land and sea grant. It has about 80 undergraduate degrees with about 14,680 undergraduate students. Its student’s faculty ratio is 16:1. It has about 8 colleges which are Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Professional Studies, Engineering, Health Sciences, Environment and Life Sciences, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

 Studying in any of the best universities in new port and around will go a long way in helping you realize your dream, especially studying in a small city.

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