Arts College in North Carolina USA

Arts College in North Carolina USA

 When it comes to building your career in any field of arts, many persons search for the best, in order to help them to skillfully impact the society through their fields.  In order to aid your search we have decided to compile the list of the best arts college in the state of north Carolina.

  1. Duke University Durham, NC

Location: Durham, NC


 This is a large private institution was in 1883 by the Methodist church and Quaker family, It has 6400 undergraduate and 8400 graduate students.  It has a renowned program in arts and has about 6 distinct libraries. It aims at making education accessible and flexible to all. It has 12 programs in arts and design.

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  1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Location: Chapel Hill, NC


It is a large public university, and was founded in the year 1789. it offers about 12 different arts program.  It offers 78 Bachelors, 112 Masters, 68 Doctorate and 7 professional degrees through 15 different departmental schools.  It has a student’s population of about 28000, from about 50 students and 47 countries.  With a class size of 13:1.

  1. University of North Carolina School of the Arts 

Location: Winston-Salem, NC


This is a public arts research university; it offers was founded in 1963.  It offers five programs in arts, which are   Dance, School of Design & Production (including a HS Visual Arts Program), School of Drama, School of Filmmaking, and School of Music.  Its student’s population is around 1,144.

  1. Elon University

Location: Elon, NC


It offers about 20 arts degree programs, and it is a midsized private university. It arts program I’d renowned.

  1. Campbell University 

Location: Buies Creek, NC


This institution has about 14 arts program and it is a mid-sized private university. And was founded in 1887. It has more than 4500 students enrolled in her 150 programs across 100 academic programs in about 10 divisions. 

  1. University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Location: Greensboro, NC


This a public research liberal arts university, established in 1891. It offers about 18 arts and Design programs. It is renowned for her Visual and Performing Arts program. It has a student’s population of about 16000 and with 10 academic schools. 

  1. Appalachian State University

Location:  Boone, NC


This university was founded in 1899, it is a public university. It has about 14 arts division programs.  It has a student’s population of about 17,500 and has about 150 majors. With a student’s faculty ratio of 16:1. This university is built around built around a sustainable environment and global citizenry.

  1. Queens University of Charlotte

Location: Charlotte, NC

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This university is a private nonprofit university, this institution was established in 1857, it has about 2300 students and her arts program is renowned for making impacts and helping her students gain skills. It has 13 arts department.

  1. High Point Universitys

Location:  High Point, NC


Through her school of arts and design, it has about 11 arts and design programs. This great institution offers her students the opportunity to gain skills and be great artist’s. 

Arts degree can be fun in the best institutions, which is why we have added the links to each institution.

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