March 4, 2024
Fully Funded 2000 Scholarships in Germany 2021

Fully Funded 2000 Scholarships in Germany 2021

When it comes to studying in Germany many persons are always afraid of the high cost of living in the country, even thou it has a tuition fee affordable by all in her universities, which is why we have decided to present you with 2000 scholarships available to you to study in Germany for the 2021 academic session.

Germany remains a pacesetter when it comes to education, and it’s among the best 5 countries in education, cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Aachen, Heidelberg, Dresden, Gottingen etc. remains the most popular cities interns of international student’s applications, Germany alone has at least a total student’s population of about 393,579. With an expected increase to about 400,000 in application in the coming years.

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Germany alone has one of the world’s most renowned scholarships, which makes studying in any of her universities the best decision you will ever make in your life. Most of her universities doesn’t have the compulsory IELTS/TOEFL requirements, all it needs is a proof of previous studies in English and also it doesn’t accept application fee from her applicant.

One of the major reasons why most persons apply to study in Germany is because of their low tuition free or even tuition free, they offer their students time to work while studying and also their programs is more of research oriented making them unique.

Germany Alone has about 429 public higher institutions, amongst it are 106 universities and most of her universities are among the best in the world. Studying in Germany affords you the opportunity to study in a country with rich history and it also will afford you the ability to travel to some European countries. 

 The scholarship’s available to students in Germany are as follows

  1. 1,000 Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship 2021

This scholarship opportunity grants about 1000 scholarships to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree students who wish to study in any of the German universities. It is funded by DAAD and Heinrich boll foundation.  This scholarship is open to any courses, thou most of the courses it covers can be accessed by clicking the link below to read more about it

  1. 500 DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship 2021

This scholarship is open to all international students who wish to study in Germany and it is funded by the German government,  this scholarship covers many area and also most if the courses covered by this scholarship can be accessed by Clicking here for other details 

  1. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2020 

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This scholarship covers programs for those interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree Programs & Master’s degree, from any of the following countries Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. It covers courses in arts, social science, Business and engineering.  Click here for details 

 They’re several scholarships available to study in Germany, thou we will be making it available to update this list as we work on getting authentic and genuine information about each of them.

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