Kurt Schork Memorial Fund Awards in International Journalism for Journalists in London

The Kurt Schork Memorial Fund (KSMF) is currently acceptive submissions for the eighteenth annual Kurt Schork awards in international journalism in 2020. Established in 2002, the awards were created in honour of yank freelance journalist Kurt Schork UN agency was killed on assignment for Reuters in African nation.

In the shock of the immediate aftermath of Kurt’s death, his family and friends were comfortable by the speedy rallying of colleagues needing to take part establishing a tangible bequest promoting the ideals by that he had lived and worked.

Often at personal risk, several journalists round the world work flat out to report conflict, corruption and injustice. Their goal is to confirm that the broader world learns concerning – and higher understands – the challenges faced by communities stressed and will maybe be spurred into providing facilitate to the desperate.

This work isn’t sometimes well rewarded. Freelancers live from job to job, with money insecurity, and domestically used reporters are usually on low pay and subjected to harassment or worse once their stories uncover political or business wrongdoing. several international journalists place confidence in ‘News Fixers’ whose steering, native information and contacts will usually have a decisive impact on a story.

Value description: 

Each Kurt Schork awards is for $5,000 and can be bestowed at a prestigious ceremony in London in late Sep 2020.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

The nineteenth annual need awards is so currently split into 3 categories:

  • a Local newsperson award that acknowledges the usually over-looked work of journalists in developing nations or countries in transition UN agency write on events in their mother country.
  • a Freelance award for those journalists UN agency jaunt the world’s conflict zones, sometimes at nice personal risk, to witness and report the impact and consequences of events.
  • A News Fixer award profitable native journalists and/or specialists, employed by a visiting foreign newsperson or press association, whose steering and native information materially benefited the content, impact and reach of the stories submitted.

Application Deadline:  May 31, 2020.

Application details:

If you’d prefer to apply or create a nomination for the new introduced News Fixer award, please visit the 2020 entry kind page that provides definitions for every of the award classes and can guide you thru the appliance method. a number of the most detail is additionally enclosed below:

  • Three separate articles should be submitted, together with once journalists are nominating fixers for the new award.
  • The submitted articles should are revealed between June one, 2019 and will thirty one, 2020.
  • Accepted media: any print-based medium, like newspapers and magazines, or established on-line publications. Blogs, personal websites and social media pages or channels don’t seem to be accepted.
  • Articles will embrace war reportage, human rights problems, cross-border troubles, corruption or different contentious matters impacting on people’s lives. Judges are going to be trying to find expertise, high print media standards, and proof of dedication and bravery in getting the story.
  • You may offer a universal resource locator link to your article(s), or a scan (as a PDF or JPG file) as supporting proof of the publication context, however your entry are going to be disqualified if you are doing not conjointly submit the specified text files.
  • The awards panel can take under consideration nominations for fixers UN agency have received over one recommendation from journalists they need worked with.
  • Additional material you want to provide:
  1. a CV or resumé concerning your education and journalism career or that of the fixer you’re nominating.
  2. a passport-quality exposure (JPEG, GIF or PNG file, size no larger than 250Kb) of yourself or that of the fixer you’re nominating.
  3. a high customary English translation if the first articles don’t seem to be in English.
  4. a short statement explaining what you had to try to to to urge the story.
  5. In the case of the fixer award, they need from the nominating journalist:

A statement of nomination
A copy of the story or stories generated as a result of the appointive fixer’s involvement
A statement that the political leader is aware that he/ or she is being appointive and has given permission for the nomination (or maybe the nomination for anonymous if win). The awards panel can take under consideration nominations for fixers UN agency have received over one recommendation from journalists they need worked with.
An settle forance from the mover and political leader that they accept the terms of the competition
Two references
The maximum filesize for text submissions or scans is 5Mb.
Entrants should complete the web entry kind (or a PDF for printing and posting if not possible).


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