List of 10 Accredited Online Business Degrees

List of 10 Accredited Online Business Degrees

Most persons who wish to study any business related course always look for the best institution, especially those accredited by the appropriate authorities governing the profession. Which is why we decided to compile a list of the accredited online business degree

  1. Anderson University

Location: Anderson, SC

Email: info@anderson.edu 

Website: https://online.andersonuniversity.edu/undergraduate/business-administration 

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

This is a private university, with affiliation to South Carolina Baptist Convention, it aims at making her students successful, it offers numerous degree which are bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree. It started an online platform around 2009, her online programs in business administration aims at producing world class business men, it makes them to be convenient with business skills in management, human resources, project management, etc. also gives them a level group for postgraduate business degree program.

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  1. Appalachian State University

Location: Boone, NC

Email: processing@appstate.edu 

Website: https://online.appstate.edu/programs/id/management-bsba 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management (BSBA)

This university through her online BSBA aims at preparing her students with knowledge and skills that will aid them to effectively and efficiently manage organizations, and also apply skills needed with the emerging and competitive world. It also prepares her students to gain skills in how to attract and keep talented staffs, and equips them with many skills needed to improve her interpersonal skills. it takes her full time students two years to complete and about 4.5 years for her part time students. 

  1. Arizona State University

Location: Tempe, AZ

Email: enrollment@asuonline.asu.edu 

Website: https://asuonline.asu.edu/online-degree-programs/undergraduate/bachelor-arts-business-concentration-business/ 

Degree: Online Bachelor of Arts in Business 

This university has utilized her online platform to aid working class business men and individuals to gain their degree at the comfort if their home and pace.  It also helps her online students by posting her classes ahead of time to aid them, it affords her students the opportunity to use any of her eight libraries.  It provides extra flexibility to her students while still molding that to make a transformation in business sectors.

  1. Ball State University

Location: Muncie, IN

Email: askus@bsu.edu 

Website: https://www.bsu.edu/academics/collegesanddepartments/online/academic-programs/bachelors/businessadmin 

Degree: Bachelor in Business Administration

Through her various disciplines like finance, accounting, management, operations etc. it provides her students with knowledge to effectively manage organizations business well, it also builds them up in team building and effective integration of business skills to problem solving. It also has options for full time and part time online programs.  This program is through the canvas platform. 

  1. Bowling Green State University

Location: Bowling Green, OH

Email: choosebgsu@bgsu.edu 

Website: https://www.bgsu.edu/ecampus/bachelors-degrees/management-and-technology.html 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Management and Technology

This university has an age long history in online education in business, it affords her students the opportunity to start their programs at their convenience. It gives you the opportunity of finishing your courses in 30 months.  It also utilizes the following Blackboard, live class sessions, pre-recorded sessions, online discussion forums etc. for her online/ distance education.  It prepares her students for a lifelong personal and career growth, fulfilment in business. 

  1. California Baptist University

Location: Riverside, CA

Email: admissions@calbaptist.edu 

Website: https://www.cbuonline.edu/degrees/bachelor-of-arts-in-business-administration 

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Management

This is a private Christian university, it runs an accelerated program where it awards her degree in less than six months, it utilizes Blackboard, WebEx, and Jabber to smoothly run her online degree in business. And software to use depends on the professor in charge, all her online classes are prerecorded except for a few.

  1. Central Washington University

Location: Ellensburg, WA

Email: admissions@cwu.edu 

Website: https://www.cwu.edu/business/online 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This public University was established in 1891, it is a public university. Where it aims at preparing to be enlightened, be responsible and productive. To produce research and creative expression.  This institution works at preparing students to study at their own Pace.

  1. City University of Seattle

Location: Seattle, WA

Email: info@cityu.edu 

Website: https://www.cityu.edu/programs-overview/bachelor-science-business-administration/ 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This private university was established in 1973, it offers about 43 programs online and it includes certificates, associate degrees, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees, with an online undergraduate student’s population of about 1,819. It utilizes the blackboard to run her online programs asynchronously, it aims at preparing mid-career persons to be fully equipped to take up careers in transforming and ever busy business world.

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  1. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Location: Clarion, PA

Email: admissions@clarion.edu 

Website: https://www.clarion.edu/academics/degrees-programs/mgmk/management/index.html#b.s.b.a.-management 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Management

It   is a public university, and it uses the Brightplace platform for her online program, where it aims at transforming her students and providing with lifelong opportunities, using innovative and career building tips to help them. It offers most of her courses asynchronously. 

  1. Colorado State University

Location: Aurora, CO

Email: admissions@colostate.edu 

Website: https://csuglobal.edu/undergraduate/bachelors-degrees/business-management 

This is a public university, utilizes her online programs to teach her students to integrate simple business principles to build a reputable organization, and make a decision that can transform any business.  It has transformed to take roles that can transform the society, using the canvas platform it delivers her online programs.

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