Best Online Doctorate in Education Program

Best Online Doctorate in Education Program

 The world is gradually becoming a digitalized and education is following the same pace, lots of persons due to their ever demanding tasks now seek to complete or pursue their programs online, while still working. Which is what an online program offers you. 

  1. Azusa Pacific University

Location: Azusa, CA


 This is a renowned California university, through her canvas medium it offers about 30 different degrees online, some of her doctorate degree program are offered in hybrid format just like doctorate in higher education. While some programs are accelerated, synchronous and asynchronous. It also requires her students to participate in an on campus classes once in a month. Study abroad options in London is offered to her students in their third year.  It makes her students to gain knowledge in philosophy of action research, strengths-oriented leadership, and the changing worlds of higher education.  Applicants to this university submit two letters, which are a statement of intent and academic writing sample.

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  1. Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, MD


As a private university, this institution through her school of education offers about 15 programs in her online platform.  It also gives her students the ability to improve their educational performance and proficiency, and make a good academic record for her school or place of work. It also offers her course asynchronously and allows her students to complete a three days’ residency in each academic session.  The online program will expose her students to gain a knowledge in research methods and systematic inquiry, and leadership in educational organizations, multicultural education.  It allows her students take up courses from the following areas of specialization which are urban leadership; mind, brain, and teaching, technology integration in K-6 education, entrepreneurship in education and instructional design in online teaching and learning. 

  1. Liberty University

Location: Lynchburg, VA


This university is a private university, it uses the canvas platform for her numerous online programs, it has an online doctorate in education where it offers her practicing educators the opportunity to earn their degree asynchronously while still working. This institution allows her students to choose an area of specialization like educational leadership, school administration and supervision.  Through exposing her students in courses like curriculum development and research, quantitative and qualitative research it builds a set of world class educators who will help reposition the education sector.  It also inculcates the capstone into the program. 

  1. Marshall University

Location: Huntington, WV


This is a public university, that has a student’s population of 12,800, majority of them enrolling online. Through her online Ed.D. in leadership studies it prepares her students to gain skills necessary in taking up leadership position in the following areas like government agencies, community services organizations, international NGOs, and schools and universities.  It exposes her students to gain research skills and auxiliary training, ethical theories, financial models, and qualitative and statistical methods.  This program uses asynchronous method as her instruction method. To apply you need to submit a personal essay. 

  1. North Greenville University

Location: Tigerville, SC


This is a private university, it uses the blackboard platform for her online programs which includes a doctor of education, it offers her program asynchronously and synchronously, it also makes her students to participate in two weeks’ program on campus. It aims at building and equipping her students with research and thinking skills, needed to work as a teacher, curriculum planner etc.  Students take two additional concentration courses in K-12 leadership or higher education leadership concentration. 

  1. Northcentral University

Location: La Jolla, CA


This private university is a leader in distance education, where it offers about 20 online doctorate degree program, from about 16 career relevant degrees in her online doctorate degree in education. It offers her students many great opportunities. Through an asynchronous method. 

  1. Northeastern University

Location: Boston, MA

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This is a renowned private research university offering more than 200 graduate certificate and degrees. Her online doctorate in education offers her students the opportunity to customized their programs through choosing from one of her 3 concentration.  It also builds her students to gain research skills and collaborative leadership skills.  It allows her students in online education to attend a two-day residency in either Boston, Charlotte, or Seattle. To apply you need a 3 years working experience.

  1. Nova Southeastern University

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL


This is a private university, through her Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice it offers about 10 graduate programs including an online doctorate in education. It allows students personalize their programs through choosing from one of her eight concentration, it allows her students gain skills in nature of knowing & methods of research inquiry. It allows her students to gain a practical skill needed to be successful in the education sector.

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