Audi Internship Program 

Audi Internship Program 

Often times lots of students ask if they’re still internship program available to study in  Audi,   quite alright they’re several internship program available to students in the firm, this internship program is available to undergraduates, graduates. Who wish to study and learn in this highly esteemed company.  This internship program is fully funded. 

This internship program by Audi continues to attract thousands of students to the company, and this company is highly recognized internationally, and this company is among the top among car manufacturing companies.  

One of the best decisions you will ever make as an international students or intern is being part of this internship, as it challenges you to gain a practical skill,   it trains her intern’s to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed in their various Fields of life. Team spirits are built, and it doesn’t require the compulsory IELTS or TOEFL.

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About the Audi Internship Program

This internship program is fully funded, and it is available to undergraduates, graduates who wish to update their knowledge in practice. This internship program will last for a period of 3-6 months. And it doesn’t have  any deadline.  And it open to those who wish to come to Germany and it has many internship locations. 

Though lots of her applicants are always fond of asking the following questions

Do I have to be enrolled for an internship at Audi?

This internship program requires a valid matriculation from her applicants,  the only exception to this are for those who wish to bridge up their knowledge between bachelor’s and Masters. And this will be sorted individually. 

Can students who are not German citizens also do an internship? 

This internship program is open to both Germans and non Germans, and the visa processes are aided for her applicants, as they’re required to submit a copy of their passport. Residence permit are also considered. 

Brief History of Audi 

This company was   established in 1907, as a subsidiary of the Volkswagen,  And this company has about 5 rings which symbolizes the amalgamation of the DKW, Horch and Wanderer, 

And it is renowned for her product’s. 

Internship options are listed below

Technical Preparatory/Basic Internships

This program Is specially prepared for those who wish to gain skills in  drilling,  Lathing,  filing, and milling for six weeks at the  Audi’s Ingolstadt or Neckarsulm locations.

Regular internships

This program lasts for 3-6 months, and it prepares her students to gain skills and knowledge in automobile, data analysis, computer programming etc as it affects the area of car manufacturing. 

Graduate trainers program

This program is aimed at equip and prepare them to gain an overview of the entire Audi company. 

Value Description of the Audi Internship Program

This internship will cover the following areas

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  • A stipend £,496.25 
  • Transport fare
  • Visa processing

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Audi Internship Program

To be eligible for this you must have meet the following criteria

  1. Minimum availability of eight weeks and six month’s 
  2. Initial practical experience is desired 
  3. Good academic performance
  4. Ideally  extra curricular activities 

Application Deadline: This scholarship doesn’t have a deadline, as it is still continuous. 

Application Details:

This internship program can be applied by clicking this link 

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