Mercedes Benz Internship 2021

Mercedes Benz Internship 2021

For years now the various automobile industries has continued to wow the society, through different design’s and models of car, it innovates and her products are always superior. Most students in engineering and allied fields have always wanted to participated in an internship program organized by a car manufacturing company. Thou little or no information have existed as regards this internship, which leaves them frustrated and worried. The Mercedes Benz internship is available for students in their Undergraduate, graduate program. 

Ever since the Mercedes Benz internship started, it has trained about a million students, and has done her best to  collaborate as a team, with aims of building them up to think innovatively, as regards the development of morbidity for the world. This internship program has continued to change the world, through her efforts to attract students who can innovatively think out a way from the normal to give aesthetic to her products. 

The Mercedes Benz internship program is one if the ways this great automobile company, wants to contribute to youth development, through her hands on training,  tour of facilities, and her abilities to incorporate people of different disciplines thinking together to achieve a common goal which is making an automobile that will be customer friendly and comfortable. They is no compulsory IELTS or ToEFL requirements to apply.

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About the Mercedes Benz Internship

This internship is fully funded, and it organized by Daimler corporations the producer’s of Mercedes Benz, this internship program will be held at her various locations,  this internship is is still ongoing and can be applied anytime, except her holiday program which lasts for 3-8 weeks which the applicants is required to apply at least 6 months prior to the holiday.  The normal compulsory internship lasts for a period of 3- 6 month’s. 

The Mercedes Benz internship (Daimler) Has the following divisions

Voluntary internship

Holiday experience program

Basic/ introductory internship

This company has regional offices and links to where you can apply, check for details 

Value Description of the Mercedes Benz Internship

This internship will cover the following areas needed for your program which is 

Stipends paid monthly


Transport allowance

Ability to learn and interact with expert’s

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Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Mercedes Benz Internship

  1. To be eligible for this internship you must be at least 18 years of age
  2. You must be a student in who just ended his junior year in the university or graduate
  3. Candidates with desire to start an apprenticeship course or vocational education are free to apply
  4. Candidates with military degree or volunteer degree courses are free to apply
  5. Must have received a study regulations for the desired course of study
  6. Must provide a certified enrollment  letter for the internship
  7. Must provide a Passport and a letter of introduction from non EEA citizens
  8. A residence permit for non Germans Especially those from non EEA States
  9. A written application 

Application Deadline: This is an ongoing internship and it has no deadline, it announced two months before the start 

Application Details

This internship is fully applied online, click here for details 

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