Volkswagen Internship 2021

Volkswagen Internship 2021

Often times lots of students are often worried about internship placement in multi national technological firms, and this has for years has been hindered by factors like little or no information, the information is sometimes in the hands of a selected few. But we have great news the Volkswagen internship is available to students in their undergraduate, graduate program for an internship that will last for a period of 3-6 months.  

The Volkswagen internship is one of the groups that offers her students with several opportunities, and this is one of the largest employers of interns with a population of about 3000 interns, yet it makes sure they finish their programs. 

This internship is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life as it offers you several opportunities, like accommodate, stipends, it makes sure that her mantra where theory meets practice. This internship doesn’t require an English language proficiency,  like IELTS or TOEFL..  While it build them with specialists support. It also allows you work with Europe’s largest automobile company, helping you gain skills needed to be team oriented and fixed on the morbidity of the future.

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About the Volkswagen Internship 

This scholarship is fully funded, and it is available for students in their undergraduate, graduate’s and this program is aimed at building her students to gain the necessary practical skills needed.  This I internship program lasts for a period of 2-6 month’s and is available to gain in any of the Volkswagen locations closer to you.  And it is open throughout the year.

The following are the fields of internships;

Voluntary internship

Mandatory internship

Gap year

Internship locations available are:

  1. Wolfsburg
  2. Hannover (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles)
  3. Berlin
  4. München
  5. Dresden
  6. Braunschweig
  7. Kassel
  8. Emden
  9. Salzgitter

Value Description of the Volkswagen Internship

This scholarship is fully funded, and it offers her students with the following 


Specialist support

Paid Holiday leave


Interview training 

Helping you find accommodation

Exclusive tour of the factory

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Volkswagen Internship

Voluntary internship: 

Must be currently enrolled in an active program like diploma, bachelor’s, Masters

Have a G.P not less than 2.4 

Must not have completed an internship or staff program at Volkswagen

Must have a work permit for non EU students

Mandatory Internship:

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To eligible you must meet the criteria below;

  1. Must be currently enrolled in an active program Or ongoing course of study
  2. Have a CGPA not less than 2.4 
  3. Must provide a proof of mandatory internship from your university, through a written letter, sent to the Volkswagen group of companies
  4. Must have a Work permit for a non EU students
  5. All your bio data must be filled and submitted
  6. Passport photograph

GAP internship

Must have a bachelor’s degree

An enclosed letter of intent to commence your master’s

Application Deadline: This internship program is available to all students, and it is ongoing throughout the year, they is no deadline for it. 

Application Details

This internship program is applied fully online, and can be applied by clicking here 

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