9 Business Doctoral Programs Online

9 Business Doctoral Programs Online

 With the global shift to business related programs and the economy is going digital lots of persons in order to meet up with the demanding society look for programs in business in order to help them achieve success, which is why we compiled, the list of the business doctoral programs online. 

  1. Baker College

Location: Flint, MI

Website: https://www.baker.edu/academics/graduate-studies/college-of-business/business-administration-doctorate-of-business-administration 

Tuition fee: N/A

This institution being a small liberal arts institution has a student’s population of about 9300, it uses the canvas medium to deliver her lectures in her online programs. Its doctorate of business administration program, prepares her students to take up a career in operation specialists, business consultants, and C-level executives etc., and it exposes them to courses like personal ethics, coaching, it culminates desertification presentation and project’s.  This institution is a test optional school, which requires your essay and transcripts while applying for your program.

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  1. California Baptist University

Location: Riverside, CA

Website: https://www.cbuonline.edu/degrees/doctor-of-business-administration 

Tuition Fee: NA

 This institution through her blackboard platform delivers about 40 remote programs online, students can gain her online doctor of business administration where it aims at preparing them to take up leadership skills, maximize profits and non-profit organization, using little or no resources, while making them to be effective.  It also helps many working class persons with the opportunity of having an accelerated program. 

  1. City University of Seattle

Location: Seattle, WA

Website: https://www.cityu.edu/programs-overview/doctor-of-business-administration/ 

Tuition Fee: NA

This university with a mission of creating a Career relevant program for busy professional, has a student’s enrollment of 7000 yearly, through her distance education it offers about 46 programs including that of doctorate of business administration. Some students are offered the opportunity of creating a hybrid program for themselves or study their course remotely. Students also take up 3 residencies as a pre requisite of the program apart from projects and dissertation.

  1. Concordia University – Chicago

Location: River Forest, IL

Website: https://gradschool.cuchicago.edu/academics/doctoral/doctorate-in-business-administration/ 

Tuition fee: NA

This institution initially established as a teacher’s training college in 1864, currently offers several comprehensive programs in about 4 colleges, it offers about 100 certificate and degree options online through her online platform including a doctorate degree in business administration.  It also offers her students the opportunity to take hybrid courses or full online programs. It affords her students the opportunity to have a knowledge of global business and how they operate, how to strategize marketing concepts, through her mentorship programs it helps her students gain skillful knowledge in research.

  1. Felician University

Location: Lodi, NJ

Website: https://felician.edu/academics/school-of-business/graduate-programs/doctor-of-business-administration-dba/ 

Tuition Fee: NA

Each year this institution admits about 2400 students in about 60 of her academic programs, in her online programs in business administration where it offers a doctorate, it enables her students to take up their course at their own Pace. It aims at crating and preparing world class transformative leaders who can manage multinational organizations and also help in team building to create a healthy business. To be admitted into this program you must have an MBA.

  1. Franklin University

Location: Columbus, OH

Website: https://www.franklin.edu/degrees/doctoral/business-administration 

Tuition Fee: NA

Using the canvas medium, it runs her online programs and distance education, where it aims at preparing business leaders who can embrace technology, accessibility and meet the needs of the consumers. It also affords her students the opportunity to personalize their programs. It also helps her students to gain different consulting skills and knowledge. 

  1. George Fox University

Location: Newberg, OR

Website: https://www.georgefox.edu/business/dba/index.html 

Tuition Fee: NA

This institution yearly takes up to 1400 students, where it prepares her students to take up a career in the area of business administration, as leader’s, consultant. Through her courses and classes, it exposes them to international business, foundation of finance, ethics and moral. To be admitted into this doctorate degree you must have a CPA of 3.0.

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  1. Hampton University

Location: Hampton, VA

Website: http://huonline.hamptonu.edu/page/PhD-in-Business-Administration-2 

Many of this institution remote programs are through the blackboard, where it offers certificate, degrees and professional development course’s. Through her online PhD in business it prepares her graduate to take up careers in business consulting, administrators and managers, educators. It also exposes them through classes to organizational principles and behavior, advanced technology, it also exposes them to residencies.

  1. Johnson & Wales University – Online

Location: Providence, RI

Website: https://online.jwu.edu/academics/doctoral/Doctor-Business-Administration 

Tuition Fee: NA

This institution offers her programs to about 7300 students, through her blackboard platform. It has prepared her students to take up a career in healthcare administration, government, consulting, educators and international business administrators. It offers her students an accelerated Doctor of business administration program.

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