Masters Degree in Human Resource Online USA

Masters Degree in Human Resource Online USA

 Every organization needs a great human resource officer who can be able to meet the demanding needs of her staffs, who can always act as mediators between the management and her staff in issues that requires diplomatic approaches, who can appropriately direct and train new staffs. Which is why we have compiled a list of the best institutions/University

for a master’s degree in Human Resource degree online, this program is designed by each institution to meet the diverse needs of her students, it uses various platform to deliver her programs.

  1. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

LOCATION: State College, PA


This institution working in alignment with HRM’s HR Guidebook and Templates, has provided an avenue where her masters students in Human Resources and Employment Relations are made to study at the comfort of their home and Pace, each students is made to utilize knowledge learnt to create and solve a problem that have bothered personnel relationship in any organization, through their capstone and research projects.  The strategies created is sometimes published and used to groom others, this program has three concentrations which are

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  • International Human Resources and Employment Relations
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Employment and Labor Law
  1. Villanova University

LOCATION: Villanova, PA


This institution is renowned for her program in human resource development program, it is a HR Certification Institute-approved and also holds a preferred choice as SHRM partner. Part-time students graduate in less than two years, students are made to pass the following certificate programs prior to graduating SHRM Certification Exam, the SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment or the HRCI Certification Exam, which helps make them to be in high demand in the country. The program will expose you to programs in Strategic Workforce Planning, HR Analytics and Financial and Human Capital.

  1. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Location: Aurora, CO


This university is the pioneer online, non profit and independent university, thou it’s a campus of the Colorado state university, it also delivers online certificate programs in human resource and a master’s degree in human resource management. This program focuses on how to better employee’s behavior relationship and expectations, Strategies utilized in human resource using various research techniques.  Students are made to undergo capstone project where they’re made to research on current issues facing human resource in any organization, where the strategies needed to solve them are discussed. Students are made to have a knowledge of Effective Organizations: Theory and Practice, Managing Human Resources and Strategic Labor Relations. 

  1. Stony Brook University

LOCATION: Stony Brook, NY


This institution pioneered the graduate in human resource which had an alignment with SHRM’s HR Guidebook and Templates. Her master’s degree in human resource management where it reflected the six cardinal areas of SHRM. This program offers her students the opportunity to relate well with professionals and gain skills needed in any organization. The program will cover areas like Employee Relations and Labor Management, Job Evaluation, Compensation, and Benefits, Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace and Employment Law and Policy. 

  1. Central Michigan University

LOCATION: Mount Pleasant, MI


This university has one of the best programs in human resource management, her online MBA concentration in human resource management is recognized nationally. It prepares her students to gain skills needed to improve the HR position. The core courses covered are Global Economic Environment, Marketing-Based Management and Global Business and Sustainability.

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  1. New York University



This institution pioneered online education, it has dozens of programs online, which includes Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development, this program will aid her students to cover areas like Human Resource Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Learning, Development, and Executive Coaching, and Global Talent Management. It also renders her students with self-service and online tutoring. 

  1. University of Houston-Clear Lake



This institution through her online platform through her Master of Human Resource Management entirely online. And her courses are taught by renowned faculty members.  It is renowned for her competency based approach to human resource field, it also helps her students build a conducive working environment for her staff.

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