Best Community Colleges in Arizona

Best Community Colleges in Arizona

Best Community Colleges in Arizona

Arizona continues to lead in terms of international student’s applications, as a result of her low cost of living and her unemployment rate, the following programs are among the highest employment unit construction, manufacturing, and health services, which requires at least an associate degree, so most person who can’t get to college will always seek for a cheaper means which is community college.

  1. Eastern Arizona College

Location: Thatcher, AZ


This great community college offers about 35 degrees and 69 certificate options and enrolls about 6000 students, this community college is applied through the ACCUPLACER by filling an online form. While for her international students it permits an IELTS and TOEFL score.  It offers a tuition free, it offers financial aids to her students and scholarship. It also offers Associate of applied science and Associate of science and Arts. And also some transfer courses to universities.

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  1. Tohono O’Odham Community College

Location: Sells, AZ


This community college was founded in the year 1998, to serve the needs of the Tohono O’Odham Nation, currently it has about 47 academic programs, and has an open admission policy. It offers several scholarship and financial aids to her students. It also offers employment programs in carpentry, heavy equipment operation, plumbing, masonry, and construction painting.

  1. Cochise County Community College District

Location: Douglas, AZ


This community college was founded in the year 1964, as one of the pioneer community college, it enrolls about 11,500 students, it has low tuition fee. It offers associate degree in fields like liberal studies, small business management, computer programming, nursing, and administration of justice etc. And some direct employment courses in building related fields, it also has some completion programs with some universities in Arizona.

  1. Paradise Valley Community College

Location: Phoenix, AZ


This community college is long the ten schools that make up the Maricopa County Community College system (MCCs).  It enrolls about 8,400 students which majority are part time students. It offers about 20 associate of applied science programs, including degrees in accounting, dietetic technology, emergency response and operations, and integrated public health. It is unique for her programs in audio production technologies and music business.  Its online program is through canvas.

  1. South Mountain Community College

Location: Phoenix, AZ


This community college was established in the year 1978, it has about 6000 students, it has about 8 programs and associate training in areas like accounting, criminal justice, and psychology. It also offers financial aids to students.

  1. Estrella Mountain Community College

Location: Avondale, AZ


 This institution has about 50 academic programs, it has about 11000 students, it also has some financial aids to students, it also has career program in automated industrial technology, Microsoft server administration, fire investigation, and culinary studies. 

  1. Yavapai College

Location: Prescott, AZ


This community college was established in 1968, and has about 6 locations. It also has many technical and prep professional courses. In fields like visual arts, hotel and restaurant management, paralegal studies, and radiology. And also trade program in aviation, commercial driving, welding, machining, culinary arts, and fire science.

  1. Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Location: Chandler, AZ


It has about 20,000 students in her programs, and four campuses. It also offers some bachelor’s degree completion programs in agreement with three universities. It also has an associate degree in general business, computer science, fine arts, registered nursing, and teacher education.

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  1. Glendale Community College

Location: Glendale, AZ


This community college was established in 1965, and also enrolls about 500,000, and also has a 60 academic programs. It also offers programs in counseling, performing arts, nursing, and English degrees. And also a diverse program in associate of applied science tracks, accounting paraprofessional, automotive service, marketing and sales, and information security. 

  1. Scottsdale Community College

Location: Scottsdale, AZ


This institution enrolls about 10,000 students in her 100 degree and 60 certificate programs, its admission is through the ACCUPLACER.  It also offers a bachelor’s degree program.

 Arizona community colleges are so unique in her system of education,  and the link has been provided to aid your admission processing. 


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