March 4, 2024

Best Community Colleges in California

The state of California housing the hub of technology in the world which is Silicon Valley, two great cities san Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, this cities all boom with employment which at least requires a certificate beyond a high school diploma, many who couldn’t study in a four year college due to finances opt for a junior college or community college, which is why we have decided to compile a list of the best community college in California to help you achieve your dream.

  1. Las Positas College

Location: Livermore, CA


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This institution was established in 1988, it awards associate degrees, certificates, and continuing education classes. This institution offers online programs in arts and humanities, business, computer science, marketing, and sociology. 

  1. College of San Mateo

Location: San Mateo, CA


This institution offers online and on campus program, it offers more than 66 associate degree, it also prepares her students to take up a career course. Students can earn their certificate in one year and associate degree in two years.

  1. Irvine Valley College

Location: Irvine, CA


This institution has its program divided into 11 academic schools, this institution affords her students the opportunity to choose from about 70 associate degree programs and professional certificate options in her online programs.  Due to the learners experience they can gain their certificate in two years or less. 

  1. Diablo Valley College

Location: Pleasant Hill, CA


This institution has about 22000 students, and offers about 40 associate degree and certificate programs. Most students can earn their degree in two years or less.  It also offers special programs for veterans. 

  1. Santiago Canyon College

Location: Orange, CA


This institution has about 45 associate degree programs and a number of certificates, it also offers a transfer program for those interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree course in a four-year college. It offers more than 12 online programs. It also offers some apprenticeship courses online. 

  1. Moorpark College

Location: Moorpark, CA


This institution was established in 1967, it has student’s population of about 15000, it also offers programs in a small class size. It offers programs in online only, hybrid, and online with on-campus assessment. It offers programs in about 36 academic departments, including astronomy, counseling, and game design. 

  1. Mt San Antonio College

Location: Walnut, CA


This institution offers both accelerated bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees, it also offers vocational and certificate courses. They offer different online or hybrid formats. This institution offers about 80 certificate courses to help her students gain degree. 

  1. Citrus College

Location: Glendora, CA


 This institution was established in 1915, it offers more than 64 on-campus and online associate programs in liberal arts and scientific disciplines. Both on campus and online students follow the same mode of admission application. Learners complete an associate degree to any California university.

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  1. Imperial Valley College

Location: Imperial, CA


This institution houses about 7000 students, it offers about 24 transfer associate degrees, it also offers 50 occupational associate degrees and certificates. It offers online programs too. It allows students take placement test for admission.

  1. De Anza College

Location: Cupertino, CA


This institution is located in the heart of silicon valley, this institution offers about over 70 associate degrees and 90 certificate programs. This institution offers you the connection of working with different high tech companies.

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