List of United Nations Agencies Internships 2021

List of United Nations Agencies Internships 2021

List of United Nations Agencies Internships 2021

Majority of the persons in the world are not aware of the various scholarships and internship programs available to students from any part of the by the united nations and her numerous agencies. Most persons who are aware are sometimes confused or lost as to when those programs will be open.  The List of United Nations Agencies Internships 2021 was duly prepared to assist your search for a career building course and is available to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from any part of the world.

 The international student’s population in participating in any of the numerous agencies of the united nations internship programs has continued to increase, the numerous agencies of the united nations each has a great way to impact your career.

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The United Nations UN, agencies internship programs will greatly impact your future and is expected to build your career, it will assist your quest and help you to be culturally balanced, this internship will help you gain some cultural experience. 

 About the united nations

 The united nations UN, has its headquarters in the New York and it has other headquarters in Nairobi, Geneva, Vienna, The Hague, it was founded in the year 1945 and they work in about 190 countries, the united nations aims at promoting international security and peace, developing international peace and harmony among nations.  It has a total of 193 countries and 2 international observers.  This organization has continued to promote many rights of her citizens and it has about 14 different organizations.

Value description of the internships

  • Stipends
  • Accommodation
  • Transport allowance
  • Airfare ticket
  1. UNICEF Internship Program 2021 

This internship opportunity is fully funded by the UNICEF for Undergraduates, Masters and PhD who are interested in working with the agency in any of her countries, this program will last for a period of 6 – 26 weeks. Its deadline varies and this program will greatly aid your career.  UNICEF has its headquarters in New York and operates in 190 nations of the world. Sending reliefs to children.

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  1. UN Volunteers Program 2021 

With the emergence of the covid 19 the united nations have called up for volunteers who will assist with helping combat the pandemic as interns and minimum age of application is 22 years. While for international volunteers is 25 years. The duration for this program is 3- 12 months. This program is open to both male and females.  And is available to students, graduates and postgraduate. Interns will be made to study in any part of the world

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  1. World Health Organization Internship Program

This internship program will aid your career and assist you, its application is open for the summer term. It is fully funded and is available to those whose course is related to finances.  This internship program will cover your transportation and other expenses. This program will take place in Washington Click here to apply and for other information 


  1. I highly appreciate the opportunity provided by this organization for building human capacity on the job market.
    I’ll be glad if I found part of the numbers of persons to be selected.
    I’m a prospective graduate from the United Methodist University, Ashmum Street, Monrovia Liberia.
    Field of study: Public Administration.

    • It’s good opportunity for who need to do volunteery individual and self update in any direction. So I’m very interested to participate on your internship program. If you select me you can contact me in my email address: [email protected] this.

    • Intéressé a postuler pour avoir des connaissances je suis elle en classe de terminale D au lycée Barthélémy BOGANDA de Bangui je suis en Centrafrique merci

  2. Any good samaritan to help me on how to apply for interns, l hold a Bacherlors Degree in Demography with business adminitration. l am highly skilled in data analysis using Stata, spss, cspro design, excel and epi-data and am good at reserach writting including monitoring and evaluaton reports. kindly contact me via : [email protected]

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