University of Montreal Scholarships in Canada 2021

University of Montreal Scholarships in Canada 2021

Most applicants to universities in Canada are afraid of the high cost of living with tuition fees of each of the institutions. Majority are not aware of scholarship opportunities available to students who wish to study in Canada, sometimes they’re discouraged from applying, which is the reason why we have decided to write on some of the scholarship opportunities available to the students who wish to study in Canadian universities. The university of Montréal Scholarships in Canada is offering a scholarship for her students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate degree and fellowship programs.

Canada is currently one of the most popular student’s choice of a study location, as a result of her international students policy, the following cities Toronto, queens, Ottawa alone has the largest students population. Thou currently student’s population in Canada is around 721,205. According to the countries education ministry they is an expected 70% increase in international students application by end of 2020. 

university of Montreal scholarship is one of the Canadian most distinguished and renown scholarship, even thou many other popular universities also have their own scholarships, studying in university of Montréal will be the best decision you will ever make in your life. It is a research based institution and has a students friendly policy. It is a bilingual university. This university also offers about 600 different courses in their undergraduate, graduate and professional courses. 

About Universitè dé Montreal scholarship

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This scholarship can be gotten in Canada alone and is open, to undergraduate, masters and doctoral students, it is aimed at helping develop the best talents around the world. This scholarship lasts the number of years your program is supposed to finish. The deadline for this scholarship is 1st September 2020. 

Programs in the following fields of studied are covered in the scholarships

  • Administration & Management Sciences
  • Arts & Music
  • Communication
  • Economics & Politics
  • Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Planning & Design
  • Fundamental & Applied Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Information & Communications Technologies
  • Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Literature & Languages
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Sciences & Social Action
  • Teaching & Education Sciences
  • Theology & Religious Sciences

Value description of Université dé Montreal scholarship


  • For undergraduate programs with 30 credits with tuition fees of $23,662.
  • While for 45 credit with tuition fees of $27,300 per year. It is classified into 3 categories
  • Level A: $11,998 each year equivalent to 30 units 
  • Level B: $5,718 each year I.e. two seasons 
  • Level C: $2,000 each year 


  • $27,300 tuition fees for 45 credits, paid into $9,420 per year for 3 sessions.


  • With a tuition fees of $24,300 per year.

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Eligibility and selection criteria for université dé Montreal scholarship

  • Must be an international student
  • Must hold a study permit, that is neither a permanent resident
  • Applicants must be enrolled in any of the university of Montreal programs

Application deadline: 1st September 2020

Application details

Application process is online and you have to fill some forms, application is by clicking the link below


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